After suffering a dark past largely due to mere gross unawareness, a bright new light now shines on the noble effort of animal rescue!  Thankfully this great cause now enjoys the support it so deserves from a compassionate public willing to engage in this altruistic endeavor.  Our love of animals is one of those inexplicable ties that binds all of us.  We all love animals and their welfare means much to most of us!  In fact many of us find ourselves asking:  What can i do to help?

The answer is manifold.  Animal advocacy begs a multitude of gifts:  everything from monetary and in-kind donations to testifying in the house and senate for protective legislation.  The most effect way to choose your contribution is by selecting a vehicle most appropriately matched to your time and talent.

One of the most selfless, generous and much-needed roles in the movement, is that of fostering a pet. Similar to the more well-known exercise of fostering a child in need, is the exercise of fostering an animal in need.  A foster basically provides an otherwise homeless animal safe placement while a “forever” home is being sought for him/her.  This foster home supplies the animal with all those things an animal requires and is due:  protection from harm, shelter, food, medical care, enrichment, socialization, and LOVE. Fostering is a win/win – a mutually beneficial relationship for both the foster AND the animal!  The reward to the animal is obvious, but perhaps not so obvious is the reward to the person!  Fosters not only find great merit in the enormous “return” of pride and satisfaction derived from their kindness (of course most importantly) – but from less acclaimed “perks” as well!   For those who have never been lucky enough to have a pet before (or for those commitment-phobic) fostering provides the perfect opportunity for them to “get their feet wet” and see first-hand if opening their hearts and homes full-time to a pet is doable for them!  A trial run if you will!  Additionally, foster-related expenses (whether for food, toys, vetting, etc.) is a tax-deductible expense!  And better still, some shelters and rescues pay all expenses incurred for their animals in foster care – relieving the lovely foster of any financial obligation at all.

Adopt a Homeless Animal Rescue (AAHA) is one such rescue.  Founded in 2001 by a group of concerned dog-lovers plagued by the plight of the unfairly maligned and horrifically abused “pit bull”, the organization continues today as a registered non-profit assisting any animal in need, though with a particular concentration on pit bulls.

If you are interested in fostering a dog for the AAHA rescue, please go to our website ( and fill out a foster application. Your application will be processed, a brief home inspection completed, and when a dog that is appropriate for your situation presents, a coordinator will contact you.

We will provide coverage of expenses related to fostering including: food, equipment (such as crates or baby gates), and medical bills; offer some basic training suggestions; and advertise for a furever home and screen potential applicants.

We will ask that you carry out providing the basic safety, food, and shelter needs, and assist in taking the pet to medical appointments. Additionally, we ask that you give us updates as to how the foster dog is doing. If you have talents in the area of marketing your foster pet, we welcome that too! All potential homes will be required to go through the AAHA adoption process and screened by coordinators.

Please feel free to write Violet’s Vet with any pet questions–