The Best Times to Buy Baltimore Orioles Tickets for the 2024 Season: Check Tickets Purchase Instructions

You can find various 2024 Baltimore Orioles Tickets in the marketplace. Baltimore Orioles Tickets allow you to acquire front-row seats, reserved outfield seats, field boxes, and other types of seats. Allow us to guide you to the greatest selection of seats for all forthcoming Major League Baseball games, from spring training to tickets for the Opening Day of the Baltimore Orioles and the thrilling playoffs. 

Be sure to make your reservation at Camden Yards for all of the thrilling games that are scheduled to be played by the Baltimore Orioles in 2024. Throughout the season, the Orioles will play home to a full slate of enticing opponents, including long-time rivals of the American League East, such as the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox, who are also scheduled to make appearances. 

It is also important to remember that interleague rivals, such as the San Diego Padres of the National League, the Colorado Rockies, the Washington Nationals, and the Arizona Diamondbacks, will be coming to visit.

Understanding of the Ticket Market

Ticket brokers and scalpers are two other aspects of the ticket market that are included in this sector. These people provide the opportunity to make purchases at the eleventh hour as well as the possibility of securing prime seating. The use of brokers and scalpers, on the other hand, is associated with several inherent risks, including the potential of acquiring fake tickets and prices that are increased as a consequence of the transaction. 

Additionally, before finalising the purchase, it is essential for fans who are considering this alternative to do comprehensive research on the reputation of the seller, check for online reviews or testimonials, and insist on verifying the authenticity of the Baltimore Orioles Tickets.

Utilizing a combination of research, ongoing monitoring, and strategic planning is essential to effectively navigate the ticket market. If a fan are aware of the advantages and downsides connected with the different buying possibilities and can recognise warning signals regarding possible scams, then they will be able to make smart selections that will boost their chances of getting actual tickets at affordable prices. 

Regardless of whether you are acquiring tickets from official sources, secondary markets, or ticket brokers, it is essential to place a strong emphasis on safety and validity when purchasing tickets for M&T Bank Stadium. Your experience on game day will be seamless and enjoyable as a result of this provision.

Purchase Instructions:

  • Because there are so many games to select from throughout the season, you can begin your search for Baltimore Orioles Tickets by using the Baltimore Orioles schedule that is currently shown above. You may filter the games by home and away games, day of the week, time of day, month, and opponent to assist you in finding the game(s) that are most suitable for you.
  • You will be able to examine the interactive Camden Yards seating map as well as the breakdown of listings for the game that you have chosen after you have discovered the matchup that you are looking for. To go to the next page, click the “Tickets” option. Once you have determined the price, section, number, or row of the Baltimore Orioles Tickets that you want to purchase, you may go to the checkout page to finish the transaction.
  • Please either sign in to your existing account or establish a new one to see the billing and shipping information that is linked with your purchase. Your Baltimore Orioles Tickets will be ready to be mailed to you after you have completed the transaction, and we will send you a notification. Please do not hesitate to contact an in-house customer support staff for assistance with any queries or problems you may have. You can reach them by phone (866.848.8499) or via Live Chat.

The price details of tickets and the schedule for the Baltimore Orioles

For any 2024 Baltimore Orioles dates that have been announced, the dates will be posted here. Scroll down to the listings at the top of this page to see all of the Baltimore Orioles Tickets that are currently available and to locate events that are located in your area.

Ticket Pricing Dynamics and its details 

Having a solid understanding of the principles of ticket pricing is very necessary before delving into the particular periods at which tickets may be purchased. Ticket prices for Orioles games are affected by several variables, including the following:

The Best Times to Buy Baltimore Orioles Tickets
  • Games played against high-profile teams, particularly those who are competitors or teams that include star players, often have a greater demand and, as a result, higher pricing.
  • The day of the week: In general, more people attend games on the weekends (Friday through Sunday), which results in higher ticket costs as compared to games played during the week.
  • When opposed to games played in the middle of the season, early and late-season games often have reduced demand for Baltimore Orioles Tickets. This is especially true if the Orioles are in the running for the playoffs.
  • Special promos, freebies, and theme evenings are examples of promotional events that have the potential to drive up demand and ticket prices.
  • It is only natural that seats that are located closer to the field or that provide better views would be charged more than those that are located on the upper decks or in the outfield.
  • Performance of the Team: If the Orioles are doing well, there will be an increase in demand, which will cause ticket prices to rise. Alternatively, if the team is having difficulty, the pricing of tickets could decrease.

What is the best way to sell my tickets to the Baltimore Orioles?

Going to the ‘Tickets’ page on the website or app, examining the ticket information for a particular event, and then clicking or tapping the ‘Sell Tickets’ button are the steps you need to do to resell your Baltimore Orioles Tickets. Tickets that have been submitted to your account are the only ones that may be sold. 

You do not need to bother about shipping your tickets personally since once they are sold, they will be instantly added to the account of the buyer. It is also important to note that you will get an email notification as soon as your tickets are sold out!

When to Buy?

Between the Preseason and the Beginning of April

One of the finest opportunities to get Baltimore Orioles Tickets at a reasonable price is often during the early season games. Even though many fans are still getting into the mentality of baseball, the thrill of the new season is dampened by the reality that the weather is uncertain. This is the perfect time for the following reasons:

  • During the preseason, many teams may offer special packages or preseason specials, which can result in significant cost savings.
  • Early-season weekday games, particularly those played in April, often have lower attendance, which results in cheaper tickets being offered for certain games.
  • To increase attendance during the winter months, the Orioles may choose to provide promotional incentives to its fans.

A Wednesday night game against a club that is considered to be in the middle of the pack, such as the Kansas City Royals versus the New York Yankees over the weekend in July, is likely to be more inexpensive than a Wednesday night game against the Royals in April.

Seasonal Interval (June to August)

The best time to purchase is one to two weeks before the game.

The demand for Baltimore Orioles Tickets is at its highest around the middle of the season when the game is in full flow. This time contains several significant influences, including:

  • During the summer break, when schools are not in session, families are more likely to see their children play sports, which drives up demand.
  • Holiday Games: Games that are played during holidays, such as the Fourth of July, are sometimes more expensive because of their high demand.
  • If the Orioles are playing well, there is a possibility that ticket prices for midseason games may increase.

Even if there is a larger demand, there are still periods that are ideal for purchasing tickets:

  • Avoid Making Purchases at the Last Minute Although it is possible to find discounts at the last minute, doing so is fraught with danger and often results in higher prices during peak season.
  • The cost of games played during the week is often lower than the cost of games played on the weekends. In June, for the most part, a Tuesday night game will be more affordable than a Saturday game.
  • Check out the Orioles’ promotional calendar to plan around the team’s promotions. When it comes to promotions, some are particularly popular, such as fireworks evenings or bobblehead giveaways. To save money, you should choose games that are not part of a promotion if you are not interested in the giveaway.

Late Season (early October to the end of September)

The beginning until the middle of September is the best time to make a purchase.

  • Depending on the Orioles’ performance and their chances of making the playoffs, ticket prices may fluctuate substantially as the season draws to a close:
  • The Orioles will see a spike in demand for tickets to late-season games if they are in contention for the playoffs. This will cause ticket prices to go up for such games.
  • It is expected that Baltimore Orioles ticket prices will decrease if the Orioles are eliminated from contention, which will make it possible for fans to enjoy the last games of the season at a more reasonable price.

Consider the following advice if you are a fan trying to purchase tickets for the late season:

  • It is best to make your purchase before the beginning of September because you will be able to evaluate the team’s prospects of making the playoffs and purchase before any big price increases.
  • The Orioles will be able to save money on their tickets by playing games against less well-known teams, particularly if they are not in the running for the playoffs.

Making Use of Available Tools and Technologies

Using the technologies and resources that are available to you will increase the likelihood that you will receive the greatest bargain on Orioles tickets.

  • Ticket Resale Platforms: Websites such as StubHub, SeatGeek, and Vivid Seats sell resale tickets that provide the opportunity to purchase tickets at a price that is lower than their face value. This is particularly true for non-premium games that are purchased far in advance or at the last minute.
  • Price Alerts: It is possible to set up price alerts on these sites to get information whenever the costs of tickets decrease.
  • Official Website of the Orioles: Be sure to keep a watch on the official website of the Orioles for any official resale opportunities, discounted deals, and promotions.

Keeping up with the Orioles on social media can allow you to be informed about last-minute ticket bargains, flash sales, and special promotions.

Strategies for Purchasing Items Appropriate for Various Types of Fans

The importance that various fans have on attending Orioles games varies from person to person. Listed below are strategies that have been adapted to various types of fan profiles:

Fanatics to the Core

Particularly for die-hard fans who are interested in attending as many games as they possibly can:

  • Consider buying season tickets or partial plans if you are interested in purchasing season tickets. Perks such as lower rates, privileged access to special events, and unique products are often included with these packages.
  • Group Tickets: If you have family members or friends who are also very into the game, you may want to think about purchasing group tickets. The savings that may be obtained via group discounts can be enormous.
  • When it comes to games that are in great demand, it is advisable to make your purchases as soon as the schedule is made available. This will guarantee that you get the best seats at costs that are affordable.

Those Who Are Casual Fans

This is for casual fans who only attend a few games throughout the season:

  • Weekday Games: If you want to save money, choose games that take place during the week.
  • Take advantage of special discounts and prizes that do not draw huge crowds by keeping an eye on the promotions.
  • Utilize the resale market to your advantage to find possible last-minute offers on titles that are not premium to purchase.


If families are seeking an inexpensive outing:

  • When looking for family packs, it is important to look for deals that include inexpensive tickets, food, and beverages for the whole family.
  • Attending sports during the early season is a great way to save money and enjoy the nicer weather with reduced ticket rates.
  • Non-Promotional Games: If you want to find tickets at a lower price, you should avoid attending high-demand promotional games.


To those visitors who are interested in experiencing Camden Yards:

  • Attending weekend games, which are known to have a vibrant environment, is something that visitors should think about doing since they often have more flexibility.
  • OrganiSe ahead of time: If you want to get excellent seats and better rates, you should get your tickets well in advance.
  • Package Deals: When looking for Baltimore attractions, it is important to look for packages that include tickets, hotel accommodations, and other attractions.

Final Thoughts

When purchasing Baltimore Orioles Tickets for the 2024 season of the Baltimore Orioles, it is necessary to prepare ahead to get the best possible discounts. You can maximise your pleasure of Orioles games while also minimising your expenses if you have a thorough grasp of the intricacies of ticket pricing, make use of technology, and customiSe techniques to your kind of fan profile. 

Home Page

There are ideal times and techniques to reserve your seats at Camden Yards, regardless of whether you are a die-hard fan, a casual attendee, a family, or a visitor seeking to attend the event. Make sure you are well-informed and well-prepared before the Orioles hit the field in 2024 so that you can get the most out of your baseball experience.

FAQs For The Best Times to Buy Baltimore Orioles Tickets for the 2024 Season
When is the most favourable time to get tickets for the 2024 season of the Baltimore Orioles in Baltimore?

When it comes to purchasing tickets for the Baltimore Orioles, the ideal time to do it is often a few weeks before the game. As opposed to purchasing tickets at the last minute, the pricing of tickets is often cheaper, and the availability is larger. It is also possible to get better discounts by keeping a watch on games that take place during the week or against opponents who are not as well known.

Do you know of any particular months in which tickets to the Orioles are more affordable?

Indeed, tickets are often less expensive between April and September. There is a possibility that demand for games in April may be lower than usual since the season is just starting, and the weather might be unpredictable. If the Orioles are not in contention for the playoffs, then games played in September might be less expensive.

Are tickets for the Orioles more affordable if they are purchased in advance or closer to the day of the game?

The price of tickets might vary, but in general, purchasing them in advance can result in a lower price. There is a possibility that prices may increase closer to the day of the game, particularly if the Orioles are playing a popular opponent or if the game is scheduled for the weekend. You may be able to get a better bargain if you keep an eye on the pricing of tickets on several resale websites.

When it comes to the Orioles, do the pricing of tickets change depending on the opponent?

Indeed, the opponent is a significant factor in determining the price of tickets. Tickets to games played against high-profile clubs, such as the New York Yankees or the Boston Red Sox, are often more expensive than those for other games because of the increased demand. Games played against teams with a lower level of popularity are often more cheap.

Does the cost of games on the weekend exceed that of games played during the week?

Most of the time, sure. Games played on the weekends, particularly Saturday games, are often more costly than games played during the week because of the increased demand for them. Attending a game on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday is a good choice to consider if you are searching for more affordable alternatives.

Could you tell me about any special deals or discounts that are available for Orioles tickets?

Family packs, student discounts, and special-themed evenings are just some of the promotions and discounts that the Baltimore Orioles provide during the season. To keep yourself updated about these agreements, you may check out the official website of the Orioles and sign up for their newsletter.

How do variable pricing and resale websites influence the cost of tickets for the Baltimore Orioles?

When tickets are priced dynamically, the price of the ticket might change depending on several variables, including demand, the time of purchase, and other considerations. Resale websites such as StubHub and SeatGeek can provide tickets for a range of rates, which may be cheaper than the face value of the ticket if there is a low demand for the ticket. However, if there is a great demand for the product, pricing may also be higher.

Buying tickets for the Baltimore Orioles via the official website or from resale sites—which is the best option?

There are benefits associated with both. When you purchase tickets from the official Orioles website, you can be certain that you are purchasing authentic tickets and that you may even be eligible for special discounts. Resale websites may provide better seat alternatives or reduced costs, particularly for games that are completely sold out. It is possible to obtain the best bargain by comparing both of the available alternatives.

Are there any particular periods of the day when the pricing of tickets is lower than they normally are?

Fans may discover that ticket costs are lower at off-peak hours, such as early in the morning or late at night, even though there is no certain time of day when ticket prices must decrease. The practice of monitoring ticket prices regularly at a variety of periods might assist you in recognising trends.

How can I find out about cheap tickets for Orioles games that are available at the last minute?

Keep an eye on resale websites and the official website of the Baltimore Orioles for discounts that are available at the last minute. Apps and websites such as StubHub, SeatGeek, and Vivid Seats often provide possibilities for tickets that are available at the last minute. It is also possible to get information about last-minute offers and promotions by joining fan forums or following the Orioles on social media.

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