Baltimore Ravens Roster 2024: Know Player Strengths and Weaknesses

The Baltimore Ravens Roster maintenance above signing new players in the first week of free agency. It is inevitable at this time of year to lose personnel.

The club lost starter left guard Ben Powers and reserve tight end, Josh Oliver, in free agency. This week, the Jets acquired starting safety Chuck Clark. Starting defensive end Calais Campbell was released. None of the departures was surprising for a team that was already battling to fulfil the pay limit, but Baltimore was expected to find a solution with Campbell.

Other than that, general manager Eric DeCosta has focused on his own. Despite the four-day tampering window, the Ravens have not signed a free agent. As an alternative, they re-signed Geno Stone, Trayvon Mullen, Nick Moore, and Justice Hill.

Besides Campbell, DeCosta reduced wages for running back Gus Edwards, nose tackle Michael Pierce and guard Kevin Zeitler. This prevented several releases.

The Ravens are in a similar position as when the offseason began, with serious question marks in certain areas, a need for depth in others, and numerous spots where additions are not necessary. The moves left them comparable.

Let us split the Baltimore Ravens Roster into three categories as free agency begins: spots to prioritize, places to provide depth, and positions where the Ravens do not need to bother.

What is the Ravens’ Biggest Weakness? Let’s know the details

In the previous weekend’s draft, the Baltimore Ravens added nine rookies to an already strong NFL club. However, this may be improved.

Breacher Report identified each team’s biggest weaknesses, including the Ravens’ left guard position.

Free Agency EmphasisFocus on sustaining the roster rather than adding new players.
DeparturesBen Powers (LG), Josh Oliver (TE), Chuck Clark (S), Calais Campbell (DE)
Re-signingsGeno Stone (DB), Trayvon Mullen (DB), Nick Moore (LS), Justice Hill (RB)
Contract AdjustmentsGus Edwards (RB), Michael Pierce (NT), Kevin Zeitler (G)
Top Priorities
CornerbackNeed 1-2 starting quality corners, depth. Current roster: Marlon Humphrey, Brandon Stephens, Jalyn Armour-Davis, etc.
QuarterbackResolve Lamar Jackson’s situation, experienced backup needed. Current roster: Anthony Brown.
Wide ReceiverNeed additional talent, at least two more receivers. Current roster: Rashod Bateman, Devin Duvernay, James Proche, etc.
Needed for Depth
Defensive Line (Inside)Need a young player in the rotation. Current roster: Justin Madubuike, Michael Pierce, Travis Jones, etc.
Offensive Line (Guard)Need starting calibre guard. Current roster: Kevin Zeitler, Tyler Linderbaum, Ben Cleveland, John Simpson.
Outside LinebackerNeed another pass-rush threat. Current roster: Tyus Bowser, Odafe Oweh, David Ojabo, etc.
Running BackNeed more numbers and youth. Current roster: J.K. Dobbins, Gus Edwards, Justice Hill.
Luxury Rather than Essential
Inside LinebackerMay trade Patrick Queen; the decision on his fifth-year option is pending. Current roster: Roquan Smith, Patrick Queen, etc.
Offensive TackleDepth is needed; Stanley’s health is critical. Current roster: Ronnie Stanley, Morgan Moses, Patrick Mekari, etc.
SafetyNeed Kyle Hamilton to advance. Current roster: Marcus Williams, Kyle Hamilton, Geno Stone, etc.
Experts in their fieldMaintain consistency. Current roster: Justin Tucker (K), Jordan Stout (P), Nick Moore (LS).
Finisher/Fullback PositionSecond-year leaps from Likely and Kolar are needed. Current roster: Ben Mason, Mark Andrews, Isaiah Likely, etc.

Bleacher Report: “To be honest, it’s hard to find many flaws in the Baltimore Ravens Roster as they’re a well-put-together team.” Right tackle Morgan Moses and left guard John Simpson, who started every game last season, left. Andrew Vorhees will replace Simpson at quarterback after general manager Eric DeCosta identified Roger Rosengarten as a suitable Moses replacement. Vorhees was drafted in the seventh round last year after injuring his ACL at the combine.

The Ravens’ inexperienced guards are hardly a weakness. Michigan State seventh-round rookie Nick Samac and Vorhees are on the roster.

The squad may hire free agents if needed. The best free agent at the position may be Dalton Risner, who started for the Vikings last season after four years with the Broncos.

Guards may be “weaker” than the rest of the squad, but the summer will boost their confidence.

Top priorities

The cornerback position

The opposition has Marlon Humphrey, Brandon Stephens, Jalyn Armour-Davis, Damarion Williams, Trayvon Mullen, Daryl Worley, and Bopete Keyes.

Kevon Seymour, Marcus Peters, and Kyle Fuller (UFA) were lost or pending.

They still need one or two good beginning corners and additional position depth.

The Ravens re-signed Mullen, but nothing has changed. Humphrey is a Pro Bowl regular, but at one of the game’s most important positions, they have concerns. Even though there are few high-end cover options, they can re-sign Peters or another free agent. Additionally, they will likely take a cornerback early on, and this class has several quality guys. Before the draft, it appears vital to obtain a high-caliber experienced player via free agency or trade.

Quarterback position

They have Anthony Brown.

Lost or pending: Tyler Huntley received a soft restricted free agent tender and Lamar Jackson a non-exclusive franchise tag.

They must swiftly learn Jackson’s situation and maybe hire an experienced backup.

The Jackson problem continues to affect the Ravens’ summer preparations, and we know of no progress. Both the $32.4 million tag and the chance that Jackson may not get an offer sheet or refuse to play on the tag next season limit their monetary flexibility. Jackson signing an offer sheet might address a long-standing issue.

Baltimore Ravens Roster

This could kick things off and solve the problem. A seasoned quarterback has yet to be signed by the Baltimore Ravens. If so, they may not have cared about Huntley. They must also wait to see whether a team wanting a backup quarterback offers Huntley an offer sheet. The Ravens must resolve the Jackson stalemate this summer, even if there is plenty to resolve. It all starts here.

The wide receiver position

Their possessions include Rashod Bateman, Devin Duvernay, James Proche, Tylan Wallace, Andy Isabella, Shemar Bridges, and Mike Thomas.

Lost or pending: DeMarcus Robinson and Sammy Watkins (UFA).

More skill is needed.

This free-agent market was uncertain for the Baltimore Ravens’ wide receiver issues. Motivation is low in this receiving class. However, the Ravens need a No. 2 receiver desperately. Trading offers more appealing options, reports say. DeAndre Hopkins, Jerry Jeudy, Courtland Sutton, and Brandin Cooks are possibilities. The Ravens may have to pay a lot for a veteran player in 2023 since they do not have much draft money. Baltimore needs two receivers via trade, free agency, or the draft.

Needed for depth

Inside defense

Justin Madubuike, Michael Pierce, Travis Jones, Broderick Washington, Brent Urban, and Rayshad Nichols are their players.

Calais Campbell releases a lost or pending item.

A rotational young player is still needed.

Even though Campbell, a possible return candidate, was released, the Ravens are almost two deep at every position. Madubuike and Washington have expanded tremendously. The club might be formidable if Jones and Pierce stay healthy in the second year.

However, the Baltimore Ravens may want another defensive end, preferably one who can rush the pass. Madubuike, Pierce, Washington, and Urban may sign without restrictions after the 2023 season. The Ravens should draft a defensive lineman to start his development and give him a bigger role in 2024.

Defensive line on the interior

They own Kevin Zeitler, Tyler Linderbaum, Ben Cleveland, and John Simpson.

Misplaced or pending: Ben Powers was signed by Denver, but Trystan Colon was promised nothing.

A starting guard is missing.

Powers started every game at left guard last season, demonstrating his outstanding ability, but his departure does not empty the cabinet. Since the Ravens picked him in the third round in 2021, Cleveland has battled to keep him on the field. His destiny rests on this year. Simpson may benefit from a change after 21 Raiders starts. Longtime center Patrick Mekari may replace Linderbaum at guard. Although the Ravens want Colon back and may sign another guard, this does not satisfy their immediate need.

Linebacker who plays outside

Their players include Tyus Bowser, Odafe Oweh, David Ojabo, Daelin Hayes, and Jeremiah Moon.

UFA members Justin Houston, Jason Pierre-Paul, Steven Means, and Vince Biegel were lost.

Still need another pass-rush threat.

Oweh and Ojabo’s 2023 star potential will affect the Ravens’ aggressive outside linebacker search. If the Ravens make the two young bookend edge rushers their main players and shuffle Bowser, Houston, or another cheap free-agent edge rusher may be re-signed. The Ravens may choose an edge rusher again if Oweh, chosen in the first round in 2021 but only having three sacks, is a worry. The Ravens will struggle to prioritize outside linebackers due to other requirements.

Moving backwards

It has J.K. Dobbins, Gus Edwards, and Justice Hill.

Kenyan Drake (UFA) was lost or is still available.

They need numbers and youth.

Perhaps unexpectedly, Baltimore has kept the band’s lineup. The Ravens pushed Edwards to take a salary reduction and sign free agent Hill to a small contract. Since Dobbins, Edwards, and Hill have recovered from significant injuries for another year, they might be strong. Season survival requires more than three backs. Since Dobbins, Edwards, and Hill have expiring contracts, the Ravens should choose a running back on Day 3. Signing several undrafted free agents will secure a training camp roster.

Luxury rather than essential

An inside linebacker

Now, they possess Roquan Smith, Patrick Queen, Malik Harrison, and Josh Ross.

Misplaced or pending: Del’Shawn Phillips and Kristian Welch vacancies exist.

Their needs remain: They are anticipated to decide on Queen’s fifth-year option by May 1.

Queen is about to finish his guaranteed rookie contract, and the Ravens already have Smith at a high price. The Ravens should receive something good in return. Baltimore is stronger with Queen alongside Smith. Trading Harrison may create a need if the Ravens want him to be a full-time starter. He or she can re-sign Phillips or Welch due to their special teams skills. A close look at Ross is advised this summer.

Tackle for the offence.

Ronnie Stanley, Morgan Moses, Patrick Mekari, Daniel Faalele, and David Sharpe play for them.

United Football Association’s Ja’Wuan James is delayed or lost.

Stanley must stay healthy.

The Ravens found offensive linemen resemble cornerbacks. Cannot get enough. Mekari, playing swing tackle behind Stanley and Moses, has put them in a solid position. Faalele, a rookie with little function, should be able to grow and play a bigger role if needed. Given Stanley’s knee issues and Moses’ 32nd birthday this week, the Ravens may sign a young tackle. Nevertheless, it seems unnecessary.


They have Ronnie Stanley, Morgan Moses, Patrick Mekari, Daniel Faalele, and David Sharpe.

UFA’s Ja’Wuan James is hurt.

Still, Stanley must stay healthy.

Moreover, the Ravens found that offensive linemen are virtually like cornerbacks. They need them all. Their good position is due to Mekari playing swing tackle behind Stanley and Moses. First-year player Faalele should be able to grow and play a bigger role if needed. All of Stanley’s injury issues, plus Moses’ 32nd birthday this week, suggest that the Ravens will recruit a young tackle. It seemed unnecessary.

Experts in their field

They have kicker Justin Tucker, punter Jordan Stout, and long-snapper Nick Moore.

Nothing expired or is pending.

They still need Stout to improve in his second season.

The Ravens would want to keep their kicker batteries consistent again this season. On Wednesday, restricted free agent Moore was not given a contract and came close to joining with another club for the upcoming season. On Thursday, he signed a two-year deal with Baltimore. To practice throughout the summer, the Baltimore Ravens may add a kicker, punter, or long snapper.

Finisher/fullback position

These players are available: Ben Mason, Mark Andrews, Isaiah Likely, Charlie Kolar, and Patrick Ricard.

Minnesota signed Josh Oliver, who is either unreceived or waiting.

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Also, Likely and Kolar must improve in their second years.

After former offensive coordinator Greg Roman left, the Ravens may find it harder to sign tight ends. They may add one or two tight ends, maybe an undrafted free agent. However, assuming there are no injuries, they will open the season with Andrews, Likely, Kolar, and the versatile Ricard, whom they will be comfortable with.


The article provides a detailed picture of the Baltimore Ravens Roster for fans and experts. The article analyzes the Baltimore Ravens Roster. A study of strengths and weaknesses allows for discussions on player growth and strategic improvements. Real-time data and advancements will be included in future updates of this study to ensure relevance and completeness. Accurate fact-checking makes the research a reliable resource for Raven’s potential.

FAQs For Baltimore Ravens Roster 2024

What is the Ravens’ greatest strength?

Their biggest asset has always been the **superb run game** resulting in the ever-exciting Lamar Jackson and commending work on the line. One must not also forget that they are equally as strong on the rushing defense which ranks at the top of the league every season.

What are Lamar Jackson’s strengths?

Lamar Jackson is a potential starter at the quarterback position and has skills in both passing and rushing the ball. This kid is very athletic and has a great rapport with his Jck Russell, which causes trouble to the defences.

What do you think is a weakness in their performance especially for the Ravens’ offense?

One of the concerns is the passing game of the Ravens that may be sporadic, especially when other receivers of the team apart from Andrews are starting. 

What about the Ravens’ run protection or passing protection?

The good news is that the Ravens have a formidable offensive line that offers great protection to Lamar Jackson and good run blocking. Injuries undermine the effectiveness of their performance from time to time.

What are the factors that have seen the team’s rushing defence place among the best in the league?

The rushing defence must also consider the Ravens, who have a powerful line provided for their ability to jump into the gaps and eliminate running opportunities. They also have athletic linebackers who should, more often than not, effectively corral ball carriers.

What about Ravens pass defense?

It is a potential area of concern for the Ravens: their pass defence is rather weak. They often need a weapon against teams with high passing offences, even if they have talented players on the field.

How is the Raven’s wide receiver situation?

The Ravens, in particular, do not possess a dominant number-one wide receiver with no size and the physical presence of a bruising back.

How are the tight ends of the Ravens?

There is a star tight end player on the team, Mark Andrews, who will serve as an outlet and red-zone for quarterback Lamar Jackson. Nevertheless, the depth of that position may be a problem area.

What about Ravens special teams?

Ravens personnel, for the most part, have been relatively inconsistent with their special teams performance. The kicker position led by Justin Tucker can be considered to be stable and fairly strong, yet this team may be suffering from the problem of volatility.

In what way does the team membership of the Ravens gets compared to the total membership in other comparable regiments?

As for the depth chart, the Ravens are normally fairly deep, although they have been vulnerable at key times when particular players have got injured, particularly in the instances of the tight end and the backup quarterback.

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