Baltimore Ravens: Check Fan Guide for M&T Bank Stadium Games

Since the beginning of their inaugural season in 1996, the Baltimore Ravens have been one of the most successful clubs in the National Football League. Nevertheless, they had some contentious beginnings, with the Colts relocating to Indianapolis and Art Modell subsequently transferring his Browns personnel from Cleveland to his new organisation in Baltimore. Both of these events were controversial.   

The Baltimore Ravens have established themselves as a dominant team in the NFL with a formidable defence and two Super Bowl titles after 26 years of existence. As an additional point of interest, they are one of only two teams who have never suffered a defeat in repeated Super Bowl appearances; the other organisation in this category is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

Baltimore Ravens Team
Baltimore Ravens Team

The Baltimore Ravens are a team that competes in the American Football Conference (AFC) of the National Football League. For the first six seasons of their existence, they competed at the AFC Continental level. They switched to the AFC North after the reorganisation that took place in 2002.  

A few other aspects concerning the National Football League squad that you really must be aware of are as follows: 

  • Purple, black, and metallic gold are the official colours of the Baltimore Ravens uniform collection. 
  • The name of the franchise was derived from the poem “The Raven”, written by Edgar Allan Poe. 
  • Since 2008, John Harbaugh has served as the head coach of the Baltimore Ravens. The squad had two different head coaches before then, and their names were Ted Marchibroda and Brian Billick. 
  • Since 2004, Steve Biscotti, the creator of Aerotek, has had the main ownership of the franchise. 
  • Ravens have been victorious in both Super Bowl XXXV (2000) and Super Bowl XLVII (2012). 
  • They also had thirteen appearances in the playoffs and have won six division titles, all of which were in the AFC North. 
  • Jonathan Ogden, Ed Reed, and Ray Lewis are all members of the Hall of Fame and are considered to be among the most significant players in the history of the Baltimore Ravens

Getting tickets for the Baltimore Ravens is a concern

Mobile ticketing is the sole method used by all NFL clubs and venues. It is possible to purchase tickets on the official website of the event. Digital passes may be accessed using your mobile device, and the Raven app can be used to manage them.  

Baltimore Ravens Tickets Stadium Seating & Pricing Map
Baltimore Ravens Tickets Stadium Seating & Pricing Map

Reserving Seats for Ravens Games

Lower bowl, club level, 300 suites level, 400 suites level, and upper bowl are the five levels of seating that are available at M&T Bank Stadium. The upper bowl is the least expensive level.  

Forty-two rows are included inside the bottom bowl, which is split into two portions. In the upper-end zones, the rows vary from one to twenty-six respectively, whilst the sideline seats in the upper bowl are numbered from one to thirty-two. 

Accessible seating is provided on all floors of the Baltimore Ravens stadium; however, it is only offered on a first-come, first-served basis for those who have pre-booked tickets.  

How to get in the gates?

Passes may be purchased digitally using the Ravens app.

Raven Mobile App
  • It is possible to open your tickets in advance using the Ravens app, and then you may scan your phone at the entrance.
  • At this time, the “Add to Apple Wallet” option is accessible. Features that allow users to “Save to Google Pay” will be made accessible at a later time.
  • The ideal option for those who are sharing season tickets or who are taking many guests to the games and want to simply transmit tickets to friends is to purchase mobile tickets.

Process of accessing secure digital tickets through smartphones

  • 1. Start up the Ravens mobile application.
  • 2. Select “TICKETS” from the menu at the bottom of the page, and then select “Manage My Tickets.”
  • 3. You will need to enter your email address and password to “LOG IN WITH SEATGEEK” (this is the same as your online account).
  • 4. Navigate to the game that you want to control.
  • 5. Check your tickets before you go, and they will be available for you on the app at all times, even if your WiFi connection is sluggish. Your barcode ought to be surrounded by a red line that is moving around it. It is anticipated that the “Add to Apple Wallet” and “Save to Google Pay” features will become accessible at a later time.
  • 6. Present the mobile ticket you have at the entrance! **Keep in mind that screenshots will not be used to get access.

How Do I Access My Secure Digital Tickets via Smartphone?

  • 1. Start the Ravens Mobile app to get started.
  • 2. Select “TICKETS” from the menu at the bottom of the screen, and then select “Manage My Tickets.”
  • 3. You will need to enter your email address and password to “LOG IN WITH SEATGEEK” (this is the same as your online account).
  • 4. Navigate to the game that you want to control.
  • 5. To see your parking pass, first locate the area that reads “PASSES” and then touch on it.
  • 6. The QR code that is displayed for your parking pass will show at this point. If you need to give your parking permit to a friend, pick the “SEND” option and complete the required information for your buddy.

How to Transfer Your Tickets to Your Guest?

  • You will learn how to transfer your tickets to your guest.
  • Take a touch on the game you want to transfer once you have successfully logged into your account.
  • 1: Take the “SEND” option.
  • 2: Enter the recipient’s email address or phone number to send the message.
  • 3: Select the amount of tickets you want to send by tapping the “Quantity” button. Now that you have done that, check to see whether the email address or phone number is accurate.
  • 4: Choose “Send Ticket.” Following this, the transaction will be completed.

Methods for Selling Your Tickets

After you have successfully logged into your account, choose the game that you want to sell or buy.

  • Take the “SELL” option.
  • Select the tickets you want to sell by tapping the “Quantity” button.
  • To choose the price at which you want to sell them, tap the “Price” button. The “SET PRICE” option should be selected after you have selected the tickets that you want to sell.
  • To validate your details, choose the “Payout” option.
  • Tap the “List Ticket” button. Following this, the transaction will be completed.

Requesting Tickets That Have Been Transferred to You and How to Do So

Before you accept the tickets that have been provided to you, you will first need to accept the tickets that have been sent to you by a friend. There will be an email sent to you that has a link that will lead you to either register a new account or log in to your existing Ravens SeatGeek account.

To claim the tickets, you will need to utilise a browser. If you are using a mobile device, you may use Safari or Chrome. A desktop computer can use any browser. To have access to your mobile tickets, you will need to download the Baltimore Ravens Mobile App once you have accepted the tickets.

Creating a New Ticket Account for the Ravens: Instructions

Several accounts for PSL Owners have already been established. Should you want help, please contact SeatGeek by calling their support line at 888-439-2536 or clicking on the “Forgot Password” link.

Click the “New to SeatGeek? Connect Account” option if you are participating in the ticket acceptance process for the very first time. Ensure that you join up using the same email address that was used to send the tickets.

Getting Ready For Gameday

  • Get the Ravens app download (Android, Apple)
  • To get access to your mobile tickets, please follow the procedures that are provided above.
  • Even if your WiFi connection is poor, you may see your tickets on the app before the game begins, and they will be available even then.
  • Check to see that your phone is fully charged!

The stadiums of the Baltimore Ravens 

Until their new stadium at Camden Yards was built, the Baltimore Ravens played their first two seasons in the National Football League at the old Memorial Stadium. The Major League Baseball team known as the Baltimore Orioles had already gone by the time Oriole Park debuted in 1991. Finally, in the year 2002, the stadium was destroyed.  

M&T Bank Stadium
M&T Bank Stadium

By the time the Ravens played their 1998 season, the new Ravens Stadium, which was located at the Camden Yards Sports Complex, was complete.  

From 1998 till the present day, M&T Bank Stadium 

In the year 1998, “The Bank” opened its doors near Oriole Park at Camden Yards. It is possible to accommodate a total of 71,008 people in the multi-purpose facility, which has 128 suites and 8196 club seats. While the Baltimore Ravens are the ones who run the stadium, the Maryland Stadium Authority is the one that owns it.  

MSA first sold the naming rights to the stadium to PSINet in the year 1999; nonetheless, the facility was initially known as the Ravens Stadium at Camden Yards. On the other hand, the commercial internet provider filed a bankruptcy petition in the year 2002. After that, they continued to use the original name until M&T Bank purchased the rights to use it for fifteen years in 2003. In 2014, it was renewed, and its duration was extended until 2027.  

At what time do the gates open for games featuring the Baltimore Ravens? 

For all ticket holders, the gates to M&T Bank Stadium typically open two hours before the game is scheduled to begin. Parking lots are available for business four and a half hours before the game is scheduled to start. Before you locate your seats, make sure you give yourself enough time to park and go through the security check. To prevent delays at the gates, particularly when the weather is chilly, you should arrive early.  

Re-entry into the stadium is not permitted for general admission tickets. Before leaving the venue, those who have club-level tickets need to get a re-entry pass. For you to be able to enter the stadium once again, you will be required to display both the re-entry pass and your game ticket.  

There are a total of eight gates included in the Baltimore Ravens Stadium at Camden Yards. The stadium has a total of eight gates: Gate A and the Hamburg Gate on the north side, Gate B on the east side, Gate C, Gate D, and a media gate on the south side, and two more gates on the west side of the stadium.  

A guide of getting to M&T Bank Stadium for Baltimore Ravens games

I-95 provides convenient access to the home of the Baltimore Ravens, which is located at 1101 Russell Street, close to the Inner Harbor and south of the central business district of Baltimore. While the Russell Street viaduct is located to the west, the Ostend Street bridge is located to the south, the Hamburg Street bridge is located to the north, and the light rail and Interstate 395 are located to the east. Therefore, you will not have any problem making your way to the game that the Ravens are on. On the other hand, you may get precise driving instructions to the stadium lots here, and you can use the map that is provided below to navigate your way. 

  • Transportation for the masses 

The Stadium/Federal Hill Station is where the MTA light rail stops, and it is located just outside the M&T Bank Stadium Gate B. 

Near Oriole Park at Camden Yards, Camden Station may be reached on foot in only ten minutes.  

The MTA Maryland bus service is also accessible for use at M&T Bank Stadium, which is home to the Baltimore Ravens.  

  • Ride the Ravens

In addition to Carney, Jessup, South West & White Marsh, Manchester, Westminster, and Owings Mills, the gameday shuttle also leaves from these locations. 3.5 hours before the start of the game, the Ravens Walk busses will leave. There are several departure times available for White Marsh, Carney, and Southwest, and walk-ups at the last minute are permitted. Your season ticket might cost anywhere from $270 to $300, and single-game bus fares can cost anywhere from $30 to $35. You will need to pre-book your pass to access additional stations.  

Along Russell Street, close to the stadium, there is a parking lot for the Ravens Bus. Immediately after the final whistle, all buses will begin their departures, and the last bus will depart no later than half an hour after the conclusion of the game.  

The distance between the M&T stadium and the airport

M&T Bank Stadium is situated 9.6 miles away from the Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI), which is the primary airport that is nearest to the football stadium. The stadium may be reached by taking MD-295North, which will take around fourteen minutes. You may alternatively travel Interstate 195 West and Interstate 195 North, which would add 11.4 miles and 16 minutes to your route. About eighteen minutes is the amount of time that is necessary to go via MD-170N and MD-295 N. 

M&T stadium and the airport Distance
M&T stadium and the airport Distance

Parking for the Baltimore Ravens! 

If you do not have a permit, parking at M&T Stadium for home games of the Baltimore Ravens may seem to be somewhat of a challenge. There are plenty of off-stadium parking lots in the area around the Camden Yards Sports Complex, even though all stadium parking spots are designated for permit holders.  

Reserve Parking for Baltimore Ravens Marches
Reserve Parking for Baltimore Ravens Marches

Those who purchase parking permits in advance will get them in a digital format. On game days, you will be required to use the Ravens app to get entry to the parking lots at M&T Bank Stadium. The Horseshoe Casino Garage is accessible to season pass holders, who have two parking choices available to them: a reserved parking place for all Ravens games on levels 3-6 or valet and premium parking facilities on levels 1 and 2.  

What is the greatest place to park on gamedays for the Baltimore Ravens? 

The easiest option for parking on game day is to use one of the garages located in the downtown area of Baltimore; several of these facilities are located within reasonable walking distance of the Ravens Stadium. Parking sites that are farther away from the stadium provide the lowest prices, which range from $10 to $15, while the closest spaces cost between $45 and $80.

The M&T Bank Stadium, on the other hand, is not too far away. On the other hand, you can be concerned about safety and premium cost. It is possible to simply address that issue using parking applications such as Way. The easiest way to ensure that you get a place in the best parking lots for the Baltimore Ravens game is to make your parking reservation in advance.  

The best way to locate affordable parking close to M&T Bank Stadium

The most affordable parking options at M&T Bank Stadium may be found on the internet. Apps and websites that are dedicated to parking in Baltimore allow users to compare available parking spots and quickly reserve a place at the most affordable prices. It is possible, for instance, to check out several different parking facilities on and then use filters to narrow down your options more precisely. If you reserve your parking spot using an app, the majority of parking operators will also provide you with special prices and incentives.  

A search for a parking place at the eleventh hour is not going to be successful; there is no assurance that you will be able to get a spot near the stadium immediately before the game starts. When you are looking to save a few dollars, you should think about parking in garages that are less expensive and are located away from the bustling districts of downtown and Inner Harbor. This is particularly important if you are travelling to the game from another city. Parking in Baltimore may be found at reasonable prices for the whole day (up to 24 hours), ranging from $15 to $30.  

Does the M&T Bank Stadium have a parking lot for bicycles? 

Along the Gwynn Falls Trail, there is a parking lot for bicycles outside of M&T Bank Stadium, which is located between gates B and C. During Ravens games, this area is under the watchful eye of security staff.  

Is there parking that serves the ADA and is accessible for Ravens home games? 

There are accessible parking spaces available at M&T Bank Stadium Lots B, C, and R, and they are provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Under the Russell Street bridge, off of Russell Street Service Drive, is where you will find Lot R. To ensure a parking experience that is free of hassles, it is best to come as early as possible. ADA parking places cannot be reserved in advance. 

To get access to the ADA parking at M&T Stadium, you will not only need a valid ADA license plate or hangtag, but you will also need a state-issued identification card, a disability registration vehicle from the state’s Motor Vehicle Administration, and a valid game ticket. In addition to that, the bearer of the ADA ID must be present in the car.  

Are tailgating permitted at games played by the Baltimore Ravens? 

When the Baltimore Ravens are playing, tailgating is often prohibited in the parking lots and grounds of M&T Bank Stadium. The Ravens Walk, on the other hand, is considered by fans who attend home games to be the “ultimate tailgating experience.”  

The official pre-game entertainment area is known as Ravens Walk, and it is located between lots B and C on the walkway that connects Oriole Park and M&T Bank Stadium. On the day of every Ravens home game, it opens three hours before the game.  

FAQs For Fan Guide for M&T Bank Stadium Games

What are the transportation options for getting to M&T Bank Stadium?

Motorists, ride-sharing services, and public transit, such as the Light Rail and the Charm City Circulator, are some of the modes of transportation that fans may use to reach M&T Bank Stadium. Within the vicinity of the stadium, there are also several parking lots and garages that are accessible.

What items are prohibited inside M&T Bank Stadium?

Outside food and drinks, backpacks, big bags, umbrellas, weapons of any type, noisemakers, and professional cameras with lenses that are longer than 6 inches are all prohibited objects. Not all of these things are prohibited, however. Additionally, the official website of the stadium has a complete schedule of events.

Are there any regulations or conditions that must be met to attend games hosted by COVID-19?

Guidelines established by local health authorities and the National Football League are adhered to by the Baltimore Ravens. Depending on the circumstances at hand, this may include the need to wear masks, the presentation of evidence of vaccination, or the receipt of negative test results. You may get the most recent information by visiting the official website of the Ravens.

At M&T Bank Stadium, what time do the gates open for games featuring the Baltimore Ravens?

The gates normally open two hours before the game is scheduled to begin. Nevertheless, this may change for games that are part of the playoffs or for special events. For the most accurate information on the game, it is recommended that you visit the Ravens’ website or your game ticket.

Could you tell me where I can get Raven’s goods at the stadium?

There are several kiosks and stalls positioned around the concourse portions of the stadium where you may buy official Ravens products. The Team Store is located inside the stadium itself. It is customary for the Team Store to be open on game days, as well as during certain hours on days when there are no games.

For those who are inside the stadium, what kinds of food and beverages are available?

There is a wide selection of food and beverages available at M&T Bank Stadium. These include the standard stadium cuisine, such as hot dogs and nachos, as well as regional specialities, such as crab cakes and patties made from pit beef. In addition, some alternatives are suitable for vegetarians and anybody who avoids gluten.

What kinds of facilities are available at the stadium that are suitable for families?

A separate Family Restroom, a moms’ Room for nursing moms, and the Ravens Rookies Kids Club are some of the facilities that are available at M&T Bank Stadium, which is a family-friendly venue. On days when games are being played, there are other activities and food choices that are suitable for children.

What steps should I take if I misplace my ticket or need help when I am going to the game?

Visit the Ticket Office, which is situated on the north side of the stadium next to Gate A, to get help if you misplace your ticket. If you need any further help while the game is in progress, you may approach Guest Services, which is situated on both the lower and upper concourses, or you can get in touch with stadium staff members who are stationed around the site.

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