Baltimore Ravens 2024-25 NFL Season Schedule, Fact Check & Upcoming Updates

The Baltimore Ravens NFL Season Schedule 2024 is heating up, and Baltimore Ravens fans are eagerly anticipating the schedule. The yearly schedule chooses matches and shapes the team’s strategy, preparation, and season outlook. 

The Baltimore Ravens, famed for their powerful defence and dynamic attack, seek to use their schedule to advance in the playoffs. This article examines the Ravens’ key matches, stretches, and potential issues in 2024 to inform fans and analysts.

Baltimore Ravens 2024-25 NFL Season Schedule

Baltimore has one of the toughest Baltimore Ravens NFL Season Schedule 2024 with seven straight games. Playing a league-high ten playoff games in 2023. The Ravens play three division champions in the first four weeks. The Ravens play four playoff opponents in their last five games.

Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens, who play seven games, will be in the spotlight all season. Baltimore’s five prime-time games include the NFL opener at Kansas City, which has won the Super Bowl twice, and a Monday night game against the Los Angeles Chargers, where John and Jim Harbaugh will play for the first time since Super Bowl XLVII twelve years ago.

It is one of the Ravens’ oddest schedules. The Baltimore Ravens play the Houston Texans on Christmas in Houston, with games on Monday, Thursday, Saturday, and Wednesday. An amusing fact: Jackson is 9-3 (.750) with 26 touchdowns and one interception in non-Sunday games.

Key Games for the Baltimore Ravens in 2024–2025

As said, the Baltimore Ravens are in the AFC North. They will face the Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns, and Pittsburgh Steelers twice, following NFL tradition. Leaving these games aside, we will examine the Baltimore Ravens’ other important NFL games this season.

The Baltimore Ravens will play the Kansas City Chiefs in the first week of the 2024 season.

The Ravens will meet the Chiefs in week one of the Baltimore Ravens NFL Season Schedule 2024 at Kansas City. They will seek early revenge against the Chiefs, who prevented them from reaching the Super Bowl last year.

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Since NFL fans worldwide will watch the season’s first game in primetime, it is even more crucial. Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson will face off again at the start of the season, and both teams will want to win.

The Baltimore Ravens will play the Dallas Cowboys in Week 3 on September 22, 2024.

The Baltimore Ravens, headed by John Harbaugh, will play the Dallas Cowboys at Arlington, Texas, in their third week. Due to the great players on both sides of the ball, this game will be another spectacular battle.

Both teams reached the playoffs last season and retained most of their best players for 2024-25.

The Baltimore Ravens will take on the Buffalo Bills in Week 4 of the 2024 NFL Playoffs.

The Baltimore Ravens will play the Buffalo Bills on Sunday Night Football in the fourth week of the season. With Josh Allen leading the Bills against Lamar Jackson’s Ravens, this game should be memorable. However, the Ravens will face another tough opponent, making this their third tough game in four weeks.

On December 1, 2024, as part of Week 13, the Philadelphia Eagles will take on the Baltimore Ravens.

The Baltimore Ravens meet the Philadelphia Eagles at home in week 13 on the Baltimore Ravens NFL Season Schedule 2024, which should be a thrilling game. Philadelphia Eagles got Saquon Barkley from the New York Giants, while the Baltimore Ravens gained Derrick Henry. This game will likely showcase the NFL’s best backfield lineup due to Jalen Hurts and Lamar Jackson as signal callers.

Saturday, December 25, 2024, Week 17: The Baltimore Ravens will play the Houston Texans.

Week 17’s Ravens-Houston Texans game will be the second of a doubleheader on Netflix on Christmas Day, making it a memorable one for everyone. The Texans won the AFC South with rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud. The Texans experienced a complete turnaround last season. Thus, if the AFC North is still up for grabs at this stage in the season, the Ravens cannot afford to take this game lightly.

The Most Important Matchups

  • Enemies of the Division

The Baltimore Ravens’ six games versus their AFC North rivals, the Pittsburgh Steelers, Cleveland Browns, and Cincinnati Bengals, stood noteworthy. Due to the clubs’ fierce rivalry and their huge impact on the playoffs, these games are highly anticipated. While trying to steal a win away from home, the Ravens must make use of their home-field advantage at M&T Bank Stadium. The game against the Bengals, led by excellent quarterback Joe Burrow, will be tough to win. To stop Cincinnati’s potent offence, the Baltimore Ravens defence, led by Marlon Humphrey and Roquan Smith, must play well.

  • Showdowns in the Prime Time

For national exposure and momentum, the Baltimore Ravens will play numerous prime-time games in addition to their division matchups. Sunday and Monday Night Football games versus the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers are forthcoming. Both prime-time games are great. These games test the Ravens against the league’s finest and provide prospects like Lamar Jackson and Mark Andrews a chance to shine. If the group wins these big games, its league standing and confidence may improve.

Stretching to the Limits

  • Tests early in the season

The initial weeks of the season set the tone. The Baltimore Ravens will face the Los Angeles Chargers and Miami Dolphins away from home. Both teams’ potent attacks will challenge the Ravens’ secondary early on. The Baltimore Ravens’ early home game against the Buffalo Bills will test their defence. Josh Allen will play quarterback for Buffalo. If they start well, the Baltimore Ravens might be significant contenders.

  • The grind during the middle of the season

Midseason is often the dividing line between contenders and pretenders. The Baltimore Ravens will face the Philadelphia Eagles and Green Bay Packers in a tough schedule. The physical toll of these games and the likelihood of injuries may test the squad’s depth and resilience. The carefully placed bye week in Week 9 offers the team a much-needed break to recover and regroup for the first half of the season.

Possible Obstacles to Over

  • Health Care for Injuries

As with many NFL teams, injury control is the Ravens’ biggest challenge. Football is physically demanding. Therefore, injuries are inevitable. The Ravens must overcome these barriers to play well. To reach their full potential, the Ravens must keep key players healthy, especially Lamar Jackson, who has been injured recently. The team’s medical staff and conditioning trainers help players recuperate quickly and stay in peak shape over the long season.

  • Both Regularity and Intricacy

Another key to success is consistency. In prior seasons, the Baltimore Ravens have struggled to be consistent despite occasional brilliance. To succeed, you need a reliable game plan and consistent execution. The long Baltimore Ravens NFL Season Schedule 2024 tests every team’s roster, making depth vital. Younger players and backups must perform well when called upon to avoid a sharp fall in performance.

A Check and Analysis of the Facts

Although challenging, the Ravens’ 2024 schedule allows them to prove themselves. The Ravens’ win-loss record against playoff teams is a testimony to their history of success against top-tier opponents. Their success depends on their defense with Lamar Jackson leading their explosive offense. Previous seasons show the Ravens thrive under duress, but they still need to address their inconsistency in important moments.

The Upcoming Updates

It will be crucial to monitor numerous factors that might affect the Ravens’ season. Young players’ development, crucial player injuries, and midseason additions will all be important. Fans and analysts must follow weekly reports, injury updates, and game analyses to anticipate Raven’s direction. Midseason evaluations and playoff expectations will provide further insight into the Ravens’ quest for success.

Which stadiums are used for the games played by the Baltimore Ravens?

The Baltimore Ravens play at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore, Maryland. This stadium has hosted club games since 1998.

The Baltimore Ravens games are broadcast on which channels?

The Ravens, an AFC team, play most of their games on CBS, although some are divided between FOX, NBC, ESPN, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix on Christmas Day.

NFL Sunday Ticket lets viewers watch games not aired in the US, while NFL Game Pass lets foreign fans watch US-televised games.

Most important takeaway

A tough stretch awaits the Ravens from the start. The Ravens play the Chiefs, Cowboys, Bills, two division winners, and the Bengals in their first five games. Because Joe Burrow is healthy, Cincinnati is Baltimore’s AFC North adversary. Since 2015, the Ravens have not lost in September.

Some NFL fans are most excited about the Harbaugh brothers’ game. The Ravens and Chargers will play Monday Night Football on November 25. A triumph against John is Jim Harbaugh’s first goal. John and Jim Harbaugh are the first brothers to compete as Super Bowl head coaches. Thus, they created history.

Physical effort will peak toward the program’s end. On December 21, the Ravens must go to Houston to play the Texans with three days of respite after playing the Steelers. This is the Ravens’ most physically gruelling game of the season. This season’s turnaround would be unexpected, but more so in Week 17. Baltimore will have three games in 10 days, two of them away, due to their December 15 game against the Giants. The Ravens have played four Christmas games, two consecutively. Only the Cowboys and Chiefs have played more Christmas games.

Game of vengeance

You just need to watch Week 1, a rematch of the AFC Championship Game vs Kansas City. The season will begin seven months after Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs ruined the Ravens’ first AFC championship game in Baltimore. In a 17-10 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, Jackson had a season-low completion percentage (54.1%) and points.

That was his worst mistake in his second NFL MVP season. Beyond the playoffs, retribution is the theme. Jackson is 1-4 (.200) against Mahomes in his six-year career (including playoffs) and 59-19 (.756) against the league. After losing to Kansas City in 2020, Jackson called them “our kryptonite.” In the season opener, Jackson and the Ravens can change that narrative.

Speculative assertion

In December and January, the Ravens should complete the season undefeated. This aim is high since Baltimore will face four 2023 playoff opponents in its last five games. Four teams — the Eagles, Steelers, Texans, and Browns—made the playoffs last year with double-digit records.

Jackson, however, is the only quarterback who finishes a season better. Among NFL quarterbacks who have started at least 20 games, his 18-3 (.857) December-January record is the best. During those months, he threw 41 touchdowns and seven. Even if there are doubts about Jackson’s postseason performance, he can finish the regular season.

Final Thoughts

In the Baltimore Ravens NFL Season Schedule 2024, the Baltimore Ravens will face both excitement and challenge. Due to tough games, prime-time games, and important stretches, the squad must be prepared for everything.

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Team success depends on players’ health, consistency, and depth. In the next season, the Ravens’ preparation and performance will provide exciting moments and maybe a lengthy playoff run. Starting is eagerly anticipated. Ravens Nation may expect an optimistic season seeking football glory.

FAQs For Baltimore Ravens 2024-25 NFL Season Schedule
when will the Baltimore Ravens’ game take place?

Arrowhead Stadium hosts the Baltimore Ravens’ regular-season opener on Thursday, September 5, 2024, versus the Kansas City Chiefs.  

When is the Ravens’ home opener?

The Ravens play the Raiders in M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday, September 15, 2024, in their home debut.

The Baltimore Ravens play how many regular-season games?

The Baltimore Ravens play 17 regular-season games, eight at home and nine away. 

Who are the Baltimore Ravens’ strongest 2024 opponents?

The Kansas City Chiefs, Buffalo Bills, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Los Angeles Chargers are generally formidable teams on the Ravens’ schedule, but their final record will determine their strength.

Is the Baltimore Ravens’ entire schedule available in online?

The Baltimore Ravens’ entire schedule is available on their website and several sports news websites.

Where to acquire Baltimore Ravens tickets?

Tickets for Baltimore Ravens games may be bought on the team’s website or via secondary ticketing markets.

Are there any Ravens preseason games?

Yes, the Ravens have three preseason games before the season. 

When is the Baltimore Ravens’ final regular-season game?

The Ravens play the Cleveland Browns at M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday, January 5, 2025, in their last regular season game.

Which channel airs Baltimore Ravens games?

Networks show Baltimore Ravens games on several channels. The NFL schedule and the Ravens website list each game’s TV channel.

How can I follow the Baltimore Ravens’ schedule and results?

Follow the Baltimore Ravens’ website and social media pages or subscribe to sports news alerts to keep updated on their schedule and results.

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