With summer quickly approaching, people are already making travel plans to squeeze the most out of summer and maximize on all the sunshine and fun times. Depending on where you’re traveling to, you may not have access to workout equipment. While you’re on vacation, it is important to get rest and relaxation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t also enjoy some physical activity!

Here are some tips to stay active on vacation. Whether it’s a trip to the Carolinas, backpacking through Spain, or cruising the Caribbean, make sure to squeeze in some unconventional exercises to keep your body and mind healthy. You might be surprised to read just how easy it can be to stay active when you travel. It’s time for some vacation fitness tips!

1) Always take the stairs. Whether it’s at your hotel, parking garage or somewhere in the city, always opt for the stairs to get your heart rate going. The slight heart rate increase means more treats for you!

2) Try something new! Make sure you take advantage of as many activities as possible – such as hiking, snorkeling, or kayaking – if your destination offers them. It’s a great opportunity to finally give scuba diving a go and burn some excess energy while you’re at it. Taking time to relax and be still is very important while on vacation, but don’t forget to be adventurous. You never know what you will discover while sneaking in some physical activity.

3) Walk through the city. If you’re traveling to a city or more of an urban environment, make walking your main form of transportation. Try to avoid taking taxis, trolleys, or subways to get to your destination. Not only will you be getting a great workout, but you’ll also save some money while getting a way better glimpse of the hustle and bustle.

4) Enjoy your hotel’s pool. If your hotel has a pool, then take advantage! Not only is a pool great for getting a tan and relaxing but you can also swim laps, which make a great low-impact workout for your whole body. Create your own swim-aerobics course for you to complete while soaking in the sun. The challenge will not only get your heart pumping, but your brain will thank you as well.

Traveling is one of the best parts about summer, and now you can enjoy your time away from your everyday routine with a sprinkling of fitness mixed in. It doesn’t have to be hard, make it fun! Think outside the gym and experience a new way to work out – travel style.

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