Denton, TX – The Denton Public Library canceled Rainbow StoryTime that had been planned for Transgender Day of Remembrance “due to safety concerns for staff and patrons.” According to a press release, inaccurate information about the event and its content had spread. “We have received a number of disrespectful and hostile complaints based on this inaccurate information and, unfortunately, a number of these have caused us to have concern for the safety of event participants as well as city staff,” the library said in its statement. The statement said that the Rainbow StoryTime event was not going to discuss “gender identity or anything relating to sex or sexual orientation” and that it would not “indoctrinate children into the transgender way of life.” Because the library couldn’t assure the safety of the public, the event had to be canceled.

The Denton Public Library holds Rainbow StoryTime events several times a year. The events present books about marginalized groups, self-acceptance, and friendship to kids. The events aren’t just about LGBTQ themes and the “rainbow” is in the name as a symbol of various groups of people coming together, not as a reference to the Pride flag. The word transgender as not being used, but books that were chosen were about being free to be who you are. Unlike in Dallas, drag queens were not reading to the children, librarians were. But because ideas are dangerous, some members of the community decided to stop trained librarians from reading to children. With death threats. The organizers of Rainbow StoryTime were able to move the event to a new location. It was held at Armadillo Brewing Company.

“Texas libraries are supposed to be places where Texans can read and learn, not spaces where public employees take the innocence of kids and replace it with Leftist sexual indoctrination,” said Don Huffines, who is running in the Republican primary for governor of Texas. “I am calling on the City of Denton to cancel ‘transgender storytime’ and fire the library employees who approved the event.” Later Huffines took credit for the cancellation and said that he’s “pleased that the pressure raised by our campaign… led to the appropriate cancellation of this event. Children should not be used as pawns by adults with a sexual agenda.” (Dallas Voice – David Taffet at and LGBTQ Nation Alex Bollinger at )