In the issue before last, we took a strong look into understanding the Power of Purpose.

As followers of Christ, our moral obligation is to become the salt and light of the earth, for we are the hands and feet of God and God’s creation. In fact, all humanity has a moral obligation under God to one another regardless of one’s status or title; we have an awesome responsibility to live out our God-given purpose in life.

I mentioned last time as agents for Christ, our light should forever glow even in the midst of darkness. Let your light shine! Jesus doesn’t call for our light to shine for popularity, social status, or right-wing positioning while becoming legends in our own minds, or to make ourselves feel good, Jesus calls for our light to shine so others may see our good works so that people are edified and God is forever glorified.

Our demeanor plays a major role in how we access our full potential in life and is critical to those we influence and or serve regularly. If we claim to belong to God but our behavior dictates otherwise, how can we draw people to wholeness and goodness? How then, can anyone pass what they believe they do not have? Furthermore, I believe many of us struggle with being true salt and light to the world because, if truth be told, some of us have lost our zeal and our sense of purpose!

I believe everyone is born with a purpose in life. According to Vines Complete Expository Dictionary, purpose is a noun for boulema – “to will or to wish”; another related term is thelema – “desire,” and prosthesis – “setting forth.” So you see, everyone is born with a purpose. Living out that purpose is entirely another thing.

Our purpose lies within in us – we are the beholders of our realities. Are you living your purpose? Can I suggest that many people have not even begun to tap into it. Many folks are suffering from situational depression because they are not living their fullest potential!

Many years ago, I was that person. It seemed as though my realties were not aligned with my being. I felt like I was all over the place and nothing was making since at the time – my dots were not connecting. About ten years ago I had an opportunity to meet Dr. Myles Monroe at a conference and he profoundly spoke to my life via his captivating presentation. It truly blessed me and I have been sharing with people ever since my road to discovering my purpose.

How does one fully discover and understand their purpose and their potential? First and foremost, stop looking for some man/woman to validate you. The Bible reminds us that before the foundation of the world, God knew you, God formed you in your mother’s womb – you are destined to be great. We need to look for our validation from the Creator and not merely creation. God is always there to meet us at the point of our needs and provide for us a pathway of wholeness. We need to learn to trust God even when we cannot trace or understand everything about God because your life has meaning, it has purpose.

Secondly, believe it or not, purpose has a way of drawing us – purpose is the source of our frustration, dreams, and desires. It causes us to tap into our truth and ask such simple questions as

1) Who am I? This is a quest for understanding our identity. Many of us identify by what we do rather than who we are.

2) Where am I going? – This is a question of heritage and destiny, for understanding where you came from and where you seek to go.

3) Why am I here? This is a question of self-actualization and discovery; understanding your true purpose in life.

4) What can I do? This is a question of potential – our capacity to succeed.

All of these questions will drive you to understand the power of your purpose. Have you figured it out yet? It is called passion! Passion drives you – whatever angers you enough to want to affect change, that is your passion. For purpose is the original intent for living and passion gives you the desire to fulfill it. The Word of God says, “If you delight yourself in the Lord, God will give you the desires of your heart!” One of the greatest tragedies in life is living with no purpose – that is not living, it is simply existing. Your life is only as large as you think it is. Stop giving your power away to others and stop putting limitations on yourself and on God and tap into your full potential living on purpose.

The author is senior pastor, Metropolitan Community Church of Baltimore