I know that I’ve been off the radar for a while and I will be coming and going off the radar a lot. I’m dealing with work, school, internship, and my relationships with my partner, family and friends. So please excuse me, reader, if my articles aren’t as consistent as they were in the late spring to summer. With that out of the way, I decided to talk about something that came across my Facebook wall as of late. I was at my internship looking of Facebook (Of course, after all my work was done) and I came across an interesting article in the Huffington Post. According to the recent census numbers there are 131,729 gay and lesbian couples in the United States. I share this article because as of right now Maryland is in a grey area when it comes to marriage. I read this article and many of the couples who registered with the US Census as couples are in states like Missouri, Oklahoma, Wyoming, and Texas. Places where the chances of gay marriage being legalized are zero to none. As I stated earlier, Maryland has been in a grey area about gay marriage since 2005. Reading this article or sending this article to your local state house representative will probably send a wake up call to them. I think we as young people should really get involved in politics. This is more than a vote, this more than attending a rally. In fact, if you want to be involved you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home. Type or write a letter to your state representative. We as a group of youth have a voice in this community. We should really let it out and tell the people on Capitol Hill what we think. We are the wave of the future and we can really effect change.

It’s a shame that voter turnout for the last Democratic mayoral election was at 22% but we can still effect the turn out of things. Imagine that you have your family, but because your family isn’t accepted by the theocracy that we have come to know as “The Christian Right” your children and/or your family could be denied membership to certain schools, access to certain rights, and other things that could affect you and your children’s well being to live happy and successful lives.

We must show that the census numbers don’t lie and come together for this cause. In closing, let me get off my soapbox and say this: We must fight, not with our fists or weapons, but with our words. We must show this country that we have a voice and we are not afraid to us it. All the time we hear that numbers don’t lie. Well, the census shows some of the most important numbers in the country. We can use this to our advantage.

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Rev. Dr. Rob Apgar-Taylor