Binaural Beats

Relaxation, meditation and restful sleep can help one attain a well-rounded and healthy life. For many on a spiritual path, the connection of body, mind, and spirit are important, as this approach helps you to achieve a better understanding of self. Through techniques such as meditation, we can learn to work within ourselves in order to reduce stress and anxiety, while opening our minds to natural healing modalities. The human brain is a powerful instrument. Incorporate tones, frequency, and music, we now have a toolbox of techniques that are very useful for getting the mind to a desired meditative state.

Red-Light Therapy

There are a plethora of anti-aging products on the market today. Creams, lotions, and expensive surgeries have led the forefront in trying to help an individual maintain a more youthful look, but sometimes with less than desirable results. Invasive surgery can leave a person in extreme pain and sometimes debilitated for long periods of time. Let’s face it — people want to look and feel younger. Though diet, exercise, and genetics play an important role in how we age as individuals, there is a less intrusive way to help the body maintain a youthful appearance with the simple use of […]

Super Spices

Spices have been used for thousands of years, lending their own unique aromatic and exotic flavors to foods. Asia, Arabia, and the Mediterranean regions have a longstanding history of spice trade with some spices valued as highly as gold. Spices have been used for many aspects of human culture throughout time and include embalming of the deceased, anointing oils, body ointments, and to fumigate homes. Spices were so highly sought after they became the catalyst for developing empires and waging wars during Roman times and throughout the Middle Ages. Trade routes were established during early European times and explorers embarked […]

Bugs Away Naturally

The summer season is right around the corner. Longer days, road trips, walks on the beach, or barbecues with family and friends are some of the highlights of the season. This is also the time to incorporate essential oil basics into your summer first-aid protocol. Whether it be a sunburn, a minor scrape, or repelling insects, different essential oils can be used to help ease the not-so-fun side of summer.

Additives that Don’t Contribute

With the technology of today, and the avenues in which we receive information, there can be a plethora of subject matter pertaining to the food industry and the emerging health concerns from food products. Though the decision to eat nutrient-rich foods and maintain a healthy lifestyle are the result of one’s own actions and choices, consumers may not be aware of several ingredients in their foods that generally should be avoided.

Cannabis and the Body

The Science of Plant Chemistry, Part 1 Within the last few years Cannabis has been one of the most debated topics in the political arena. Its use as a natural medical alternative is gaining more acceptance among many, especially those suffering from conditions which include gastrointestinal, chronic pain, poor appetite and seizures. Just like essential oils, which are extracted from raw plant material, Cannabis contains a profile of naturally occurring chemical constituents that work within the body, helping to alleviate symptoms and conditions specific to the individual. As Cannabis becomes more mainstream, additional scientific data becomes available on its therapeutic […]

Energy Crisis

Naturally living is not only about exercise and what we eat, it encompasses traditional medicine practices and ancient metaphysical techniques in order to connect body, mind, and spirit. Through this connection, we are able to tune our mind in to our body. This allows us to go into a meditative state, relaxing us to the point we can focus on areas in our lives which may need an improvement. The mind is a powerful instrument and can be used in many ways to help us on all levels. Many of these techniques and practices have been used by Chinese, Indian, […]

Kombucha– Probiotic Heaven in a Bottle

There are many documented cultural and ancestral uses of teas, herbs, and yeasts to make elixirs and tonics throughout human history. These beverages are purported to be health tonics, supplying the body with good bacteria to maintain overall wellness. Kombucha is not a new kid on the block when it comes to fermented beverages. Though the creation of this drink dates back to around 220 B.C., Kombucha is fairly new in the mainstream marketplace and is grabbing the attention of many people from a broad demographic.

Relaxing with Himalayan Salt

Many people find relaxation after a stressful day in the form of a mineral salt soak to help rejuvenate the mind, detoxify the skin, and bring balance to the body. Dead Sea salts are still popular, but pink Himalayan salt products have become increasing popular among those in the natural products crowd. Not only is pink Himalayan salt good for lamps throughout the home to ionize and reduce microbes, the ground salt is excellent mixed with essential oils and used as a therapeutic regimen.

The Benefits of of Essential Oils

Essential oil therapy utilizes the chemical properties of raw plant botanicals to work with the body. These chemical constituents aid in the alleviation of physical ailments and psychological disorders. Plant extracts are very powerful and can be used to help eliminate the body of toxins and promote bodily healing response in regards to internal issues and symptoms.