Barb’s Online Lesbian Dating Adventure

Time to check in with you on my online dating adventures! Well, I’ve been a paid member of a particular mainstream (vs. LGBT or lesbian-only) online dating site for almost six months now and I’m getting ready to cut bait with them when the subscription ends later this month. I like this site’s interface but am curious to see what else is out there.

Barb’s Lasting Lesbian Love Quest

Online Dating Tips–Part I As promised, in today’s article (and in future articles) I will be writing about my adventures seeking lasting lesbian love via online dating. I will share my adventures and observations just to have some fun and to offer you some potentially useful ideas and cheerleading for those taking (or wanting to) the plunge!

Love: Cherry on My Sundae

I don’t know about you, but as a career-focused, family-oriented, happily single woman who just turned 55, dating hasn’t been on the top of my list. It’s true. I’ve been living a “too-full life” that I’ve both worked hard to create and gotten used to – and, for the most part, I am satisfied. I’m one of those ever-positive people who has recently been experimenting with the art of growing where I’m planted. I’ve already conquered worlds and pursued my dreams. I’ve flown and I’ve crashed. Now I’m content to land and savor what I have. and that’s been working […]

Lesbians and Pickleball: A Great Combination for Better Health, Friendship and More

A few years ago, the health effects of 15 years of self employment started to take it’s toll on me.  I’d recently experienced a health crisis, including several ER visits (for a new symptom I’ve never had: tension headaches) a hospitalization, testing and even- heaven forbid- a heart catheterization.  Not fun for a woman in her early 50’s.