Breaking Point

There once were two men stranded in a little wooden boat. For many days they coasted in what seemed to be the direction of land and safety. One day the wind was particularly unforgiving, and it rocked the ocean so fiercely that one of the men fell overboard. The other man quickly grabbed the only piece of rope they had and tossed it as far as he could into the ocean without losing his grip. The drowning man struggled against the waves and somehow grabbed the other end of the rope– and it broke.

Bittersweet Memories: Ladies of the LGBT Community Say Farewell

I remember it like it was yesterday: There I was the day of my 21st birthday, standing in line at The Hippo awaiting my very first club experience. Choosing Hippo as my “first” was a no-brainer really – where else could a young, queer girl go in Baltimore City to have a great time, feel completely accepted and free to be herself, without judgment? It was cold that night and I could feel the wind ripping through my tiny leather jacket and low-rise jeans, but I waited patiently. Once inside my worries and cares quickly evaporated and all I felt was the vibe… the music was booming and the crowed was moving, dancing hard, and so was I. I met so many awesome people […]