The Big Gay Census

I know that I’ve been off the radar for a while and I will be coming and going off the radar a lot. I’m dealing with work, school, internship, and my relationships with my partner, family and friends. So please excuse me, reader, if my articles aren’t as consistent as they were in the late spring to summer.

Dating and Sex…In this DAMN City

When it comes to Baltimore, Maryland and dating especially for LGB&T youth, the dating pool is extremely small. Today, this commentator is going to go on a long rant about dating and sex in Baltimore, Maryland. First off, it just seems that everyone in Baltimore’s LGB&T community knows each other through someone else. I remember Brian from the show Queer as Folk said, “There is no degree of separation in Pittsburgh.” Well, the very same thing could be said for Baltimore. I remember my boyfriend was looking at some pictures of one of my friends and he asked me about […]