Meet Author Simba Sana at Barnes & Noble White Marsh

Spring is here and what better time to come out to some of the upcoming events below and learn why Simba’s memoir was featured in Essence Magazine, WJLA Newschannel 8 “Let’s Talk Live”, and is destined to be the the sleeper memoir of the decade.

Lost Prayers of Rickey Graves Prompts Conversation On Millennial Gay Teens

In his debut novel, The Lost Prayers of Ricky Graves, author James Han Mattson tackles several complex issues – a gay teen struggling with his sexuality, online relationships, mean spirited teens, small minded folks, and a life-altering tragedy. A dramatic cocktail like this has the potential to be overwhelming, but Mattson skillfully crafts a piece of literature that sparks a conversation about the real and digital world in which we live, rather than condemning it.

Lampoon Hits Bullseye

Alec Baldwin’s new book sends up Trump– as if tragic farce could be made funny! Parodying someone outlandish and unbalanced is a difficult task, but Alec Baldwin and Kurt Anderson were ready for the challenge. Running with the success of Baldwin’s President Trump impersonation on Saturday Night Live, Baldwin and Anderson partnered up to write You Can’t Spell America Without Me: The Really Tremendous Inside Story of My Fantastic First Year as President Donald J. Trump – a satire of Trump’s first year in office.

Fall for a Good Read

Short story shelf – Fresh Complaint: Stories (FSG, 2017), the first short story collection by Jeffrey Eugenides, author of the groundbreaking gender identity novel Middlesex, as well as The Virgin Suicides, and features ten stories, including “Air Mail” which was selected for the 1997 edition of The Best American Short Stories by “Brokeback Mountain” author Annie Proulx.

Anna Faris’s ‘Unqualified’ Tickles

Comedienne delves into her past to amuse and instruct “Writing a book and putting my own words into the world is terrifying in the very way that performing in front of a camera will never be,” writes Anna Faris. Like other funny ladies before her, Faris blends experience with humor to create her first book, Unqualified.