Peace of Mind for Troubled Times

In the Victorian era, death was almost fashionable. Funerals were well-attended and even rivaled weddings in their splendor and expense. Department stores offered an array of luxury clothing for grieving mothers and widows. Black fabrics were reserved for those in deep mourning. Then shades of gray and mauve were mixed in as one felt able to rejoin society. If death wasn’t celebrated, it was at least taken very seriously.

What is a Criminal Gang?

A draconian Senate bill aims at overreach to attack immigrants and allies While everyone has been watching the series of tweets since January 20th, Congress has been working quietly to change certain language with the hope of a presidential signature to make them new law. So far, there is no new law in place but the bills being proposed are scary to think about.

Mediation & Your Family

An alternative  to courts Sometimes costly litigation can be avoided with mediation. Especially in family law related matters, mediation could be key to ensure that the issues involving your family are decided by your family. Mediation is a process of resolving disputes outside of the courtroom. A third-party neutral, often a lawyer or retired judge, will attempt to facilitate fruitful conversations between the parties to find common ground, highlight that ground, and hopefully create an environment which will lend itself to a settlement. An important factor of mediation is that it is not the mediator’s job to create the settlement. […]

Domestic Violence-How to Protect Yourself

When law enforcement, government agencies, and people generally think of domestic abuse an image of a heterosexual couple is immediately cast. It’s traditionally assumed that the abuser is the male partner and the victim is the female partner. The ugly truth is that domestic violence occurs at similar rates among LGBTQ as heterosexual people. According to 2012 Center for American Progress study, one in four same-sex couples have experienced domestic violence– the same for heterosexual females.

First Comes Marriage Equality, Then Comes… Divorce Equality?

Everyone has the right to marry which means everyone also has the right to divorce. The divorce process for same-sex couples is identical to that of a heterosexual couple. And for each family there are different circumstances, causes, and results that lead them to divorce. A divorcing couple falls into to broad categories: divorcing with an agreement or divorcing with a judge order.


Or how not to reform immigration laws of the US On February 13th, 2017, two Republican Senators introduced Senate bill 354 – the “Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment Act” or the RAISE Act – to the Senate, which referred it to the Senate Committee on the Judiciary. It has not been voted on by the full Congress nor has it been sent to the White House for signing into law. So, nothing that follows is currently the law and anyone who says otherwise is just trying to frighten people. Senate Bill 354 is a proposal of what these two […]