911 Kingsley Street
Asbury Park, New Jersey

Pizza has three prime ingredients: dough, sauce, and cheese. Something so simple that still manages to constantly evolve in countless ways. If there was ever a food that represented America in all of its diversity, pizza is it. Porta, a New Jersey establishment, offers a menu that embodies this type of variety in a fun atmosphere that inspires good memories.

If you’re thinking about a Garden State weekend getaway, Asbury Park is a great place to check out. In its recent renaissance, this small town on the Jersey Shore won’t leave you any time for gym, tan, and laundry. Porta, at the heart of this town, will leave you wanting to come back. A large, beautifully polished warehouse hosts a variety of events year round. Only here, the food takes center stage.

The pizza is wood fired. The sauce, mozzarella, and ricotta are homemade. The veggies are fresh. The meats range from duck to fine charcuterie. You can order any of these on your pizza or a la cart. The “14-1/2” is perfectly spiced with hot soppressata and Calabrian peppers. The “Duck Duck Squash” is a perfect autumn comfort food with duck sausage, butternut squash, ricotta, and Swiss chard. Want something to hold while you wiggle on the dance floor? Order their calzone. It has just the right cheese-to-meat ratio that won’t get sloppy while managing your drink in your other hand.

The drink offerings include the usual beer and wine. Instead, try one of their specialty drinks like the bourbon-based Smashing Pumpkins or Delmar, with spiced rum, pineapple and cinnamon. After trying a few of these tasty concoctions, try their Italian style Grilled Cheese along with an order of House-made Meatballs. If feeling extra carnivorous, try the Filet Mignon Carpaccio. The savory shaved beef is offset with nutty Piave cheese.

Porta is the kind of place that will keep you wanting to come back. The variety of events will be your excuse. It’s the perfect environment to grab a quick drink before your next stop, a full dinner for the night. or simply a place to grab a variety of small plates and listen to some great music.

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Michael Ritmiller
Michael Ritmiller
Michael Ritmiller is a Baltimore native and foodie whose professional career spans across a variety of research & development initiatives in addition to serving local non-profits that benefit the community. An avid believer in supporting small restauranteurs, Michael began writing for Baltimore OUTloud in 2018 with the intent of identifying who offers the “best of” dishes around town.