Women prefer clothes that enhance their appearance and boost their confidence. In the business world, suits fit the bill. But how to choose a suit that best expresses your personality?

The first thing to think about is your body shape. Since everyone has a different body shape, one-size-fits-all doesn’t work.

Let’s begin with women having a straight shaped body, with little or no curve definition. For these women, a straight-fit suit which is not too tight and not too loose works best. If it’s a striped suit, go with a horizontal pattern. And it’s advisable not to wear trousers with flared bottoms, which would only accentuate your straight-and-narrow physique.

Next, are women with curves. The hourglass physique is the opposite of the straight body shape. To emphasize the curves, wearing a suit made of lightweight fabric, perfectly fitted, is the best choice.

For short-waisted women, wearing a long-length suit jacket with a vertical striped pattern is a good way to create a sense of a balance. Wearing a suit with skinny trousers or a short skirt as your favorite working outfit could complete your optimal look.

For long-waisted women, very similar to short-waisted women, the idea is to create that sense of a balanced body. A long-waisted woman should wear a short-length suit jacket and pair it with a high-waisted or wide waistband trouser.

Let’s focus deeper on the triangle body shape: having a lower body bigger than the upper. Here the key is to mix and match a suit to draw attention upward – say, by wearing a short length suit jacket with a vertical striped pattern. You can use accessories to draw more attention to the upper body as well. However, for a woman whose upper body is bigger than the lower, it’s smart to avoid wearing a suit very fitted or close to the body. A loose-fitting suit is the right choice for your shape. You should draw attention away from the upper body by wearing a short skirt or skinny trouser, for instance.

Besides body shape, it’s also important to pay attention to colors. Starting with a beige suit, this color looks great on tall and thin women, while a black suit – the classic color of all time – is very versatile and works best with shirts in a variety of colors. Additionally, if you’d like to boost your confidence, try matching a gray shirt with a black suit and put on some accessories. With this tip, you’ll be well on your way to a more confident appearance.

Another color I’d recommend is gray. A gray suit seems to be versatile when matching with any shirt style. Wearing a gray suit could give you a refined and elegant look. Whether it’s a confident or feminine appearance you’re after, putting on a gray suit would complete the look perfectly.

Ready-made, off-the-shelf suits might be a choice for some people. But if you’re looking for a suit that perfectly fits, consider going the custom route.