Our newest Mid-Atlantic Leather Woman, Leather Fox, is right in this paper’s backyard! I met her at a few different events and enjoyed her company immensely. She’s highly involved with one of my favorite clubs in the region (or anywhere really), the Mid-Atlantic Girls of Leather, and though we didn’t speak much I always enjoyed the interactions we did have. She always seemed up for volunteering and added a positive presence, plus she helps run a sex and BDSM blog, “The Black Pomegranate.” I can’t wait to see all that she accomplishes! I know her first bar night at Baltimore Eagle is currently scheduled for November– be on the lookout.

Alex ‘Bear’ Conley: Where did you grow up?

Leather Fox: When people ask this, I always say I’m from Louisville. But actually, I was born in southern Indiana, in what was essentially a bedroom community for Louisville. I did graduate a high school in Louisville, so yeah, Kentucky is my home. My grandparents are from the hills of Kentucky and I still try to celebrate Derby day each year.

Do peanut butter and bananas go together?

If that’s your thing, then go for it. But I shudder at the thought.

What’s your favorite thing about the leather community?

There’s a place for everyone who wants to be here. Really. For my title year, I will be launching a project called #YouBelongHere, where I will be trying to raise the visibility of leather for other LGBT / kinky people and I want people to know that there is a place at the table for them. I am hyper sensitive to being on the “outside” or not being included, and the good thing is that in leather you can sort of always find that niche that belongs to you.

If you could wave a magic wand and change something about the leather community right now, what would it be?

I wish there was a sorting hat for families. Leather – or chosen families – can be integral of your leather experience and if you want to be part of one, you should get that chance. But which one? Bring on the sorting hat. No worrying about acceptance, or who belongs where, we would all be sorted by some random fact about ourselves (music choice, perhaps?) and then coalesce instantly and poof a group of people that are always here for you.

Tell me a cool fact about the city you currently live in.

Baltimore is called “Charm City” not because we are charming but because the visitor bureau did a promotion of a charm bracelet with different charms from different tourist spots. We are literally not charming. Seriously. But, really, I want one of those charm bracelets but the are so hard to find.

What is the guiltiest pleasure that you will admit publicly?

I am a total Fangirl. I did the gateway drug, “Supernatural” like they all do. Then moved on to so many other wonderful things – Marvel movies, “Dr Who,” Lord of the Rings, “Game of Thrones,” Harry Potter. But do not get me started on “Hannibal” (the TV series), I’m a total Fannibal and will talk your ear off. Then eat it.

They say the best things in life are free. What is a free thing that brings you great joy?

Good food. Just really good food, at a table with people who want you to be there. Food is love.

Free form time! What is a message you would really like to share with all the people reading this?

Be aware of who is in the room. Last weekend, I had an experience where someone got on stage and talked about inclusion and leather and all of that. Then came off stage and literally ignored everyone else who wasn’t in their circle. Like, what, what, what are doing? I get that in the community there are long relationships that predate my time or your time, but be aware that inclusion is an ongoing action. Do it always.