On Monday, September 28th, 2017 at 6:55 pm the former board of directors of Hagerstow Hopes was abolished and a new board was voted in by a unanimous motion. The new board consists of:

President– Jeff Rohrer

Vice President– Lauren Williams Rowe

Secretary/Treasurer– Justin Sigler

Board Member– Mark Fadely

Board Member– Brian Alexander

Parliamentarian– Rik Newton-Treadway

Volunteers/Donations: Hagerstown Hopes is always in need of volunteers, donations and sponsors. With the group being a non – profit, we’re completely running off of funding from the public. We want to grow our offerings to the LGBTQ community and we cannot do that without your help.

We are always on the lookout for committee members and volunteers. If you have a passion to help the LGBTQ community and have a bit of free time, contact us for more information and so we can see where you would fit within the Hagerstown Hopes family.

Grant writer: Hagerstown Hopes is looking for a grant writer. We have several opportunities for grants from foundations available, but need a writer that is familiar with writing and submitting proposals for planned projects. Also, the ability to write proposals for corporate grants. If you have this ability and would be interested in volunteering your time please contact Jeff Rohrer at jrohrer@hagerstownhopesmd.org. Grants are a vital part of this organization being a success and being able to have projects that give back to the community.

Out of the Darkness Walk: Next month, Hagerstown Hopes will be walking in the 2017 Hagerstown Out of the Darkness Walk on September 23rd. In addition to inviting you to join our team and walk with us to help bring awareness to and develop advocacy for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, we request that if you cannot join us for the walk that all donations go through our Facebook page. Let us all stand together and show our support for this foundation and the great work they’re doing. Remember, even something as simple as a smile to a passing stranger can make all the difference in the world. No one should be left to feel that his or her life isn’t worth living.

A Message from the Chairman of the Board

Hagerstown Hopes supporters,

I’m proud to support the good work of Hagerstown Hopes. Many volunteers have worked tirelessly to bring equality and a positive image to Hagerstown and the greater community.

As the first Queen of Pride, I carried the banner and outreached as a face of the organization.

Because of your support, Hagerstown Hopes is a strong and growing organization. The board of directors continues to fulfill its visionary and fiduciary duties. So, with a meeting of the board, I was chosen to lead the organization during this turbulent time as Hagerstown Hope’s chairman.

We’re counting on your continued support as we plan for 2018 Pride and other community outreach efforts. With your support and belief in us, you made it possible for all of us, to have the most successful pride in Hagerstown Hopes history. We still need your continued support, be it as a volunteer, a committee member, or via a monetary donation.

We’re here for you– please address any questions, concerns, words of encouragement, or queries about helping out to me at jrohrer@hagerstownhopesmd.org

Look forward to wishing you happy 2018 Hagerstown Pride!

Thank you for your continued support,
Jeffrey Rohrer
Chairman of the Board
Hagerstown Hopes