The Trump administration’s Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, main education experience is in the political and financial support for charter schools, and as an owner of a firm that pursues people in default on their student loans. Some have praised her rollback of Obama-era regulations that stripped young men accused of unwanted sex of any presumption of innocence in university tribunals. Others have criticized her for the same. On the LGBT front, DeVos rescinded directives that recommended students have access to facilities based on their asserted gender identities.

In response to Secretary DeVos visiting the University of Baltimore to to give a commencement address on December 18th, GLSEN Maryland is organizing a protest to be held outside the Modell Lyric (140 West Mount Royal, Baltimore) from noon to 3 pm. For more info, visit Protest Betsy DeVos at UB. The hashtag for the event on social media is #TossDeVosBmore.