Naturally living is not only about exercise and what we eat, it encompasses traditional medicine practices and ancient metaphysical techniques in order to connect body, mind, and spirit. Through this connection, we are able to tune our mind in to our body. This allows us to go into a meditative state, relaxing us to the point we can focus on areas in our lives which may need an improvement. The mind is a powerful instrument and can be used in many ways to help us on all levels. Many of these techniques and practices have been used by Chinese, Indian, and Japanese cultures for centuries. Though meditative states of relaxation can take some time to master and understand, seeking the services of a reputable practitioner that works in the metaphysical community can be extremely helpful in this area.

Within Indian culture lies an important system of energy centers found at seven points throughout the body, referred to as Chakras. These seven Chakra centers are associated with human organs such as the heart, thyroid, and stomach. The energy of each center should move in precision with one another and remain in a state of balance. If an energy center is out of equilibrium with the others, the body, mind, and spirit can be challenged with certain circumstances which typically relate to self-improvement.

Though each person has the capability to do energy work, there are those that have been practicing these ancient energy techniques for quite some time. These individuals have become familiar with how to connect their minds to the energies of the client in order to help them achieve a relaxed meditative state and realign their Chakras. Generally, the services of a reputable Reiki practitioner can be used to perform client energy services such as Chakra balancing.

Reiki (pronounced ray-kee) is a traditional technique used by the specialist to focus the mind on the molecular and universal energies that abound, using them to work with the client. The use of reiki dates back to the late 1800s where it was unveiled to a gentleman by the name of Usui-Sensei. This energy work is a “laying of hands”; gentle touch is used to move energy from the practitioner to the client. This energy transference is calming and allows the client to go into a relaxed meditative state so the mind, body, and spirit can heal. By the 1920s Usui-Sensei was instructing students in the technique of reiki at his studio for free. He felt that reiki was a gift that should be given and available to everyone. The reiki practitioner should hold high integrity for not only their practice, but for the client as well.

The Chinese are known for their use of plants and herbs in their traditional medicine practices, but there are health techniques that fall under the Chinese medicine category that allow for a tranquil state of mind, fuller health, and better vitality. The Chinese refer to a life energy called qi (pronounced chee), which is an abundant energy that is all-around us and found in everything throughout the universe. The techniques used by the Chinese are an art and science that include breathing methods, mediation and calming movements, called qigong (pronounced chee-gung) to cleanse, fortify, and circulate the qi.

Qigong comprises four specific areas of application which include healing, external, sports, and spiritual. Though each type of qigong technique focuses on certain applications of the mind, body, and spirit connection, the premise behind the four is the same; the balance of qi.

Healing qigong is the preventative and self-healing aspect and teaches us how to control our reactions to stress and stressors which cause symptoms of anxiety, frustration, and high blood pressure.

External qigong includes healing exercises and meditations that increase awareness to energy around us. This technique can be performed alone or in conjunction with massage, acupuncture, and any other therapeutic body-work services.

Sports qigong helps with individual strength, stamina, coordination, flexibility, balance, and resistance training. These exercises are particularly important in martial arts and can help improve yoga mind-and-body connections.

Spiritual qigong allows for self-awareness, harmony, and tranquility. Through these exercises once can achieve a higher level of self-improvement and self-enlightenment.

Metaphysical practices are gaining momentum and are sought after by those looking for ways to naturally decrease stress, learn more about self, and follow a path to happy existence.

Michael Lausterer is master essential oil therapist and owner of Basic Earth Essentials located in Lewisberry, Pennsylvania. He is also a professional chef and clinical nutritionist.