Did you ace the spelling bees in school? Or perhaps you lost, and it left you wondering whether you really knew how to speak English. Either way, this “adult” spelling bee will give you the chance to show off your skills on Wednesday, March 25th, from 7 to 10 pm at the Charles Baltimore (1110 South Charles Street).

Each week will feature a different theme and a new batch of words. You will have to work your way through each round, all while participating in drinking games and trivia activities. The first 20 volunteers will participate each week. It’s free to play and contestants are encouraged to participate in their bottomless drink special. You should be prepared to mix alcohol consumption with the vocabulary competition. For each word, you may ask for the definition and its use in a sentence. The hosts will try to create a spontaneous topical and comedic use of the word. If you get your response wrong, you are eliminated.

From 7 to 9:30 pm all-you-can drink well liquor mixed drinks, red and white sangria, and Bud Light bottles are $15. For more info visit Bit.ly/3aE75Pn.