When it comes to Baltimore, Maryland and dating especially for LGB&T youth, the dating pool is extremely small. Today, this commentator is going to go on a long rant about dating and sex in Baltimore, Maryland. First off, it just seems that everyone in Baltimore’s LGB&T community knows each other through someone else. I remember Brian from the show Queer as Folk said, “There is no degree of separation in Pittsburgh.” Well, the very same thing could be said for Baltimore. I remember my boyfriend was looking at some pictures of one of my friends and he asked me about the man that was next to him in the picture. I told him that it was his boyfriend and then he told me that he had sex with him back in the day. Also, if you mention one name in a small circle of your friends the chances that most of your friends know this person is very huge. Maybe it’s because of the lack of separation in the community is probably why the reason that HIV and other STI’s are on the rise in the community. It could also be due to the lack of information or the ability to care about who you sleep with as well that may contribute to it.

Next, is the fact that Baltimore seems to be more like Bottom-More if you ask me. I mean, there are no real tops in Baltimore. I will be the first to put myself out there and say, “I am not a real top.” When I was single, I would always have bottoms hit me up wanted to have sex. Don’t get me wrong, it’s cool to like what you like but I would really like to see more variety in Baltimore. I mean, it’s almost a shame that you have to drive or catch the MARC train 45 minutes to Washington D.C. to meet a real top that is worth your time. It seems a little out of the way to me if you ask me but hey, that’s the life that some people live. They would actually travel out of the city to have sex.

Next, I’ve noticed that the youth have incredible high standards when it comes to dating. One of my first old rules to dating is that you must be a college graduate or at least be in a master’s program or have your masters in order for me to give you the time of day but I started to notice that even people with a master’s can be stone cold jackasses. The LGB&T Youth in Baltimore seem to want to date for money as opposed to love. I mean, I know times are hard and we live in a horrible American economy but GET A JOB! I mean, you should never rely on another man or women to provide for you what you have the ability to provide for yourself. Independence is a lot more attractive than gold digging and no one likes to be looked at as a stimulus package.

In closing, I’m strongly encouraging the LGB&T youth to date outside of the box. I mean, I did with my current boyfriend now and we’ve been together for going on 5 months on the 28th and he doesn’t even meet all the requirements old vein self-sought in a male companion. I know it’s hard to be young and gay in Baltimore but you will be surprise what you like if you tried something new. For example, if you’re a bottom who is looking for the next big paycheck but one day you decide to date a man who is not all that rich but can make you laugh and show you a good time in life. You may decide to like it and stick around. Many times, we lose out on happiness because we are so stuck on one way of thinking. Just remember, for some of you out there…You wouldn’t be lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgendered if you didn’t try something new.

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Rev. Dr. Rob Apgar-Taylor