Dallas, TX – Dallas Southern Pride organizers announced May 15 that they are cancelling the 2020 Juneteenth Weekend events in light of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Organizers had gathered this week “to discuss the health and safety of our team and, most importantly, our community,” and as a result decided to cancel the events, which the organization sponsors each June to mark the day that slaves in Texas learned, two years after the fact, that Lincoln had issued the Emancipation Proclamation ending slavery in the U.S.

            The decision to cancel the events is “in line with local, state and federal guidelines to limit large gatherings. More importantly, this decision was made to prioritize the health and safety of the community,” according to an email announcing the decision. Also, according to the email, organizers are considering including some of the events that had been planned for Juneteenth in the 23rd annual Dallas Black Pride weekend, currently set for Sept. 24-27. However, organizers will “continue to follow developments [relating] to the risks of convening large crowds” and will make their final decision by late July on whether the September celebration will go ahead as planned.

            Working on the theme of “Black Power! Black Pride! Black Voice!” organizers have planned September events to include the “Ball/House and Pageant Communities Conference, an all-star lineup of artists, club events and a host of other fun gatherings the entire weekend.” There will also be organizations present addressing health, education, economic and social issues affecting local black LGBTQ communities. (Dallas Voice at https://dallasvoice.com/dallas-southern-pride-cancels-annual-juneteenth-events/)