Thomas Nicholas ‘Tommy’ Platt & the Spirit of East Baltimore

Thomas Nicholas “Tommy” Platt, a Baltimore native who grew up in Highlandtown and moved to the gay mecca of San Francisco for several decades before returning to his hometown, died of liver cancer on October 12th, 2020. He was 74 years old and had been in declining health for some time. Tommy and childhood friend Stephen Janicki lived next door to each other on East Baltimore Street, about five blocks east of Patterson Park. Stephen said their families were so close that the doors to the two houses were unlocked so that everyone could go back and forth between them […]

MAX TALISMAN: Bringing LGBTQ Voices to the Silver Screen

Writer, filmmaker, and actor, Max Talisman is a trailblazer among LGBTQ millennials. The Bethesda, Maryland, native is fighting for diversity and focusing all his efforts in creating content that will bring about change in the entertainment industry. Recently, Talisman spoke to Baltimore OUTloud regarding his upcoming work Things Like This, which is set to begin production this fall. Not only will Talisman star in the film, but he will make his directorial and screenwriting debut. The film, which has assembled an ensemble cast including Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins (TLC), Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight), Krista Allen (Significant Mother), Dyan Cannon (Kangaroo […]

The Appropriation of Pride

A few days ago I was talking with a good friend I haven’t seen since before the pandemic began. We were catching up and the topic landed on Pride. Neither of us have any solid plans for Pride, given that the pandemic has disrupted Pride season yet again. My friend told me he was celebrating Pride month by revisiting some queer cinema classics. We compared favorites and discussed the movies that were important to us in the past. For us, these movies were more than entertainment – they were an introduction to the queer community. They showed us that we […]

With the Stock Market Near All-Time Highs, What’s Your Next Move?

Despite the pandemic and its severe financial shockwaves, the US stock market is up significantly over the last 18 months; however, the economy is still technically in a recession. The Business Cycle Dating Committee, a panel that acts as the official referee on the US economy, has not yet named an end date for the 2020 recession. These contradictory messages, combined with rising inflation and increased government debt, lead many to think that we may be on the brink of a major downturn. As wealth managers for decades, we’ve learned that no matter how strange the market may seem at […]

Honoring Our LGBTQ Elders

Tell us a little about yourself… I am a 64 year young lesbian. I have been with the person of my life Leitner for 31 years. We have two 4 footed children Onyx and Paulie and one amazing adult daughter an amazing artist.  I grew up with my familiarity of the LGBTQ community in Mt. Vernon and PRIDE at the Dell. I am a therapist by profession and advocate by nature. My role in the community today is to advocate for all with an emphasis on our Elders which we will all become eventually become hopefully with grace and nature. […]

Queer Youth Under Stress: New Survey from The Trevor Project

The Trevor Project 2021 Survey The Trevor Project started in 1998 as a suicide prevention hotline for LGBT youth. Besides directly supporting youth through its phone and text hotlines, the Trevor Project has become a major force in advocating for better social conditions and more accessible mental health care for LGBTQ young people. This month, the Trevor Project released the results of its third annual survey on LGBTQ youth mental health. Thirty-five thousand young people throughout the United States, aged 13-24, were included in this study. Thirty-eight percent reported identifying as transgender or non-binary. Participation by youth of color was […]

Photographer uses negative words to confront bullying

Phoenix, AZ – So culturally accepted is verbal bullying that the children’s rhyme “Sticks and Stones” can be recited from heart by any English-speaking child or adult. Traditionally used to ward off name-calling and boost confidence in kids, the mantra has been given new meaning in the form of a series of photographs by Phoenix-based portrait photographer Holly Shoemaker. She is an advocate for survivors of assault and abuse, as well as a LGBTQIA+ and BLM ally. Of prime importance to Shoemaker is creating a safe space for the subject. “I love being able to create something and show someone […]

US Justice Dept to defend anti-LGBTQ religious schools suit

Washington, D. C. – The Department of Justice announced on June 8 that it will “vigorously” defend a religious exemption from federal civil rights law that allows federally funded religious schools to discriminate against LGBTQ students. The announcement surprised some LGBTQ advocates who said the wording went further than just an obligation to defend an existing law. In the filing, the Biden administration said it “shares the same ultimate objective” as the conservative Christian schools named in the case. At issue is a lawsuit filed by the Religious Exemption Accountability Project, which filed a lawsuit in March on behalf of […]

Texas Rangers only MLB team without Pride celebration

Dallas, TX – Matt Douglass writes in Queerty that in 2001, the Chicago Cubs hosted Major League Baseball’s first public event marketed toward the LGBTQ+ community. Slowly but surely, year after year, more teams began announcing Pride Nights at their ballparks. Take a quick glance at MLB’s 2021 June calendar and, in recognition of their diverse fan bases, you’ll see Pride month promotions on all but one of MLB’s teams’ schedules. The lone holdout? You guessed it. My beloved Rangers. Adding a promotional Pride Night to a team’s schedule may seem like a meaningless gesture designed merely to juice ticket […]

Travelogue: See East Coast Pride via Amtrak

New York City – In a promotional Queerty suggests that with the successful rollout of the Covid vaccines, people are thinking about venturing out again and one way to do so is by riding Amtrak to Pride destinations along the east coast from Washington to Boston with stops in Charm City, Philadelphia, New York and Boston. Although Amtrak does not have a specific Pride promotion, the idea of riding the train to visit multiple cities along the route is reminiscent of the train’s $40 bicentennial 1976 round trip ticket that allowed passengers to visit every city. Catch Amtrak’s flagship high-speed […]