Travelogue: See East Coast Pride via Amtrak

New York City – In a promotional Queerty suggests that with the successful rollout of the Covid vaccines, people are thinking about venturing out again and one way to do so is by riding Amtrak to Pride destinations along the east coast from Washington to Boston with stops in Charm City, Philadelphia, New York and Boston. Although Amtrak does not have a specific Pride promotion, the idea of riding the train to visit multiple cities along the route is reminiscent of the train’s $40 bicentennial 1976 round trip ticket that allowed passengers to visit every city. Catch Amtrak’s flagship high-speed […]

HED: Celebrating ElderPride – Our Roots Keep Us Strong

The LGBTQ movement grew, as all do, because it was necessary. Our Elders and 20th century ancestors were degraded, pathologized, systematically brainwashed to deny their own truth. Those who couldn’t or wouldn’t be “discreet” were outcast, murdered, and institutionalized. The only safe option for so many was hiding, and we now know from a pile of research that living a shadow life of deception and shame slowly kills you. Pride dawned from the dignity of our people. Pride was the flower of our convictions—the way I love is valid, my gender is worthy, the desires I have are honorable—and our […]

Lesbian settles antibias suit against St. Joseph’s University

Philadelphia, PA – Noel Koenke, a former employee at St. Joseph’s University, has settled her antibias case against the university. Koenke worked at SJU for about seven years. But “hateful” pressure from supervisors to stay in the closet ruined her career, caused her to attempt suicide and resulted in the dissolution of her same-sex marriage. She resigned her position in November 2017, according to court papers. The settlement was announced by the court on May 27, but its terms were private. “I can confirm that the case has been resolved,” said a university spokeswoman in an email. Attorneys for Koenke […]

Q&A with Monty Ephraim, the Coordinator of ELDERPRIDE

Tell us a little about yourself… I am a 64 year young lesbian. I have been with the person of my life Leitner for 31 years. We have two 4 footed children Onyx and Paulie and one amazing adult daughter an amazing artist.  I grew up with my familiarity of the LGBTQ community in Mt. Vernon and PRIDE at the Dell. I am a therapist by profession and advocate by nature. My role in the community today is to advocate for all with an emphasis on our Elders which we will all become eventually become hopefully with grace and nature. […]

The Easy Way To Leave Your Car to a Loved One

When someone dies, their car is often the first thing the heirs will ask about. Who gets it, they wonder, and how long will it take to transfer the title? Whether the vehicle in question is a gleaming new SUV or a humble and aging hatchback, getting it to the new owner can be a priority. A car can sit for only so long before maintenance problems develop, and the deceased owner’s estate will be responsible for paying insurance premiums in the meantime. When the vehicle is part of the deceased owner’s estate, the estate must generally be opened before […]

PFLAG National to broadcast weekly Pride podcast in June

Washington, D.C. – PFLAG National is launching a new broadcast called What Makes Pride, beginning June 1 and continuing each Tuesday in June. The new limited series is hosted by Melissa Harris-Perry, and episodes will premiere at 11:30 a.m. eastern every Tuesday in June on PFLAG National’s YouTube and Facebook channels, and at, with additional content on PFLAG National’s Instagram feed. “In a year marked by social upheaval, growing white supremacist movements and a global pandemic, organizations led by and for people who are queer, transgender, Black, Indigenous, and people of color are creating transformational change in communities,” according […]

Glad Day Toronto is North America’s oldest Gay Bookstore

Toronto, Canada – David Hudson writes in Queerty that it’s sad to think that a couple of decades ago, there were dozens of LGBTQ bookstores around the world. Thanks to the internet, and rising rent prices, that number has dwindled significantly. Glad Day in Toronto, Canada, is believed to be the oldest gay bookstore in the world. Its history dates back to 1970 before there was much of an established gay scene in Toronto. It began life with activist Jearld Moldenhauer becoming a mobile library and hauling LGBTQ books around in a backpack to community meetings. In 1981, Glad Day […]

Transition and Marriage

Me and my wife have been married for over 30 years. All marriages take work; however, transgender marriages take ten times the work. That is just reality. Marriages are full of highs and lows. One of our greatest highs was when our children were born.  Some of the lows can be really bad like a death of a child. Thank god we have not dealt with that. We all struggle with finding our way in the world. But as a team life is easier. For many in the transgender community, transition strains a marriage more than anything else. If you […]

Walk, Run, and Bike to Support the AIDS Walk & Music Festival 2021

The disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic have made the fight against HIV and AIDS even more important, and heightened the need for awareness of the importance of HIV testing and treatment. As the nation prepares to mark 40 years of HIV in America this summer, Chase Brexton Health Care will host its AIDS Walk & Music Festival to support local HIV and AIDS programs. This year, to help participants remain safe, the event will take on a virtual form. We asked Clare Elliott, Assistant Director of Development for Chase Brexton Health Care, to share some details about this year’s event, […]

Two Strikes Theatre Collective Illuminates Black Female Voices

Baltimore’s newest theatre company, Two Strikes Theatre Collective, recently announced their 2021 season complete with virtual devised works, staged readings of original plays, a podcast, and the second annual Brown Sugar Bake-off play festival. The independent theatre company, founded in July 2019, celebrates, promotes, and encourages the intersectional voice of Black women and how it can be used for social change through art and community engagement.  Baltimore OUTloud recently chatted with Aladrian C. Wetzel, Executive Director of Two Strikes, to discuss the upcoming season, their upcoming work The Crown is Mine (May 22nd – See Sidebar), and why now more […]