What is Love?

So, for Valentine’s Day, I will try to answer a simple question. What is love? Everyone has their own idea but not all people will see it the same. To me there are different types of love: such as puppy love (crush, infatuation, the hots) parental love (father, mother, brother, sisters) love of community (feeling of belonging) love of life spousal love self-love (many trans people struggle with this one, I did) and (the crown jewel), true love. In movies and TV, we see romantic passionate love. Is that really love? What is the difference between having the hots for […]

Am I Trans Enough?

Am I trans enough? Sometimes acceptance even in our own community sucks! We tend to put each other down without any basis. So, what is transgender enough? I think about my own transition, when did I become transgender enough? Was it when I first started to wonder if I am transgender? Was that the point where I was transgender enough? This lasted about five years or so. When I first started dressing as female at home by myself? Is it the first time I took supplements to start to change my body? The first time I went out of the […]

The World is Changing

However, we are making strides – like on NBC, their Wednesday night, prime time, biggest show, they had a story line of a transgender female. I hope some of y’all saw me on Chicago Med season five, episode six. I was honored to be able to help tell one of our stories. I struggled with accepting who I was for many years. I was ashamed – even embarrassed – about who I was. It wasn’t until a series of family tragedies before I could embrace who I was. Five years ago, my mother and brother died on the same weekend. […]

A Year of Firsts

Wow, what a ride! 2019 was a year of firsts for me. It was filled with triumphs, and considering where I was just a year earlier, these past 12 months were absolutely amazing. Let’s start where I was in January 2018. You see, I was at the end of the throes of a super deep depression. I mean, I was just getting off the precipice I’d stood on for a couple of years. You know, that place above the tenth floor of any high-rise building. I was ending a relationship of flirting with suicide, but it was still flirting back. […]