Who, Me? Anger

How would you finish this sentence: “I get so angry when my partner…”? You may know that we all have a roughly almond-shaped mass of gray matter in our brain: the center that is involved in the experiencing of emotions. So when we feel angry, it means that center, the amygdala, has been triggered. Based on how we were raised, what we were taught about feelings, and what our inborn temperament is, this emotion is expressed, or suppressed. Some of us may deny we are angry. Some may fly into a rage. However you experience it, and however you express […]

Anti-Aging Solutions

A discussion with Dr. Nadia Mostovych of Belcara Health Q: “What are the most effective anti-aging solutions?” A: Aging is inevitable, but aging well is something we can control. The science and technology of skincare has become so advanced that we can now enhance, refine and restore our individual beauty in ways that were never possible. In addition, well-established procedures, a proliferation of next-generation surgical and non-surgical anti-aging solutions are now available, providing patients with a variety of customizable options. These include preventative treatments for those in their 20s and 30s and restorative procedures for those looking to reverse the […]

Upcoming Workshop to Discuss Abuse in the LGBT Community

If you needed help to escape an abusive relationship, where would you go? What long-lasting impacts can abuse have on an individual? What barriers does the LGBT community face in improving the resources available to survivors? The topic and more will be discussed at the next “Lunch and Learn” event, hosted by the LGBT Health Resource Center of Chase Brexton Health Care on Thursday, October 10th from noon to 1:30 pm in the community rooms at Chase Brexton’s Mount Vernon Center (1111 North Charles Street, Baltimore). We asked Kate Bishop, education coordinator for the LGBT Health Resource Center, and social […]

Motion is Lotion

Motion is Lotion, Rest is Rust. My mom she is an F.F.W.W. (Far From a Well Woman) given her health issues as she gets older but I still love her as her memory shifts and the stories we once knew now have different people in them and sometimes different endings….can be quite interesting as the details of multiple events are cobbled together into a new tapestry of a story. She unfortunately slipped in her bathroom resulting in a minor fall and breaking her fibula in two places. She was able to walk on it as long as she used her […]

Workout with a Coach

Ever worked with a Master YouCoach? It’s the cat’s pajamas. If you haven’t? Well, fear not – we spoke to Master YouCoach Janzen Fallgren, and he shared with us some great insight about the importance of a warm-up before your workout. And, just for good measure, he threw in some great step-by-step instructions for a dynamic stretching routine to round-out that warm-up. Now, if you’ve ever wondered if you even need a warm up, well sorry to burst your bubble, but yes, you probably should. According to Janzen, “a warm-up is almost universally accepted as an integral part of any […]

Is Barbara Sage Saving Mannequins and Other Things Around Her House with Whimsy?

Barbara “Barb” Sage is the creative behind the kaleidoscopic explosion of body parts, curbside treasures, and household items that comprise Whimsy Key West. After a flurry of marriage, childbirth, and domestic life, this Annapolis native made her way to Key West and called it home for over 20 years. Now, we take one of her mannequin arms and prod her on her early Baltimore misadventures, her extensive collection of erotic audiobooks, and what exactly is the most difficult limb to paint. Kevin Assam: When life gives you lemons, is it your responsibility to paint them in even more vibrant shades […]

Including Your Pet in Your Estate Plan

Normally when we first discuss the need for clients to include their pets into their estate plan, they think we’re crazy. My wife and I, however, view this as a very serious issue. We feel that our dogs, Fenway and Roxy, are a part of our family. If we pass away while they are alive, we want to make sure they are cared for by someone who is capable and who wants to care for them. Selecting a guardian – The first decision you need to make is finding someone to care for your pet. Not everyone who loves your […]

Low Mortgage Rates May Spike Home Prices in 2020

If you’re one of the home buyers on the fence, thinking that you’d wait until the market starts to move sideways or even start heading downward, you might want to have another look at that strategy. A new report from CoreLogic says that annual growth in home prices will increase by an average of 5.4% before July of 2020. This represents a significant change in a market where price appreciation has been spotty and sluggish. What might cause this change? Low interest rates. In early June, the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller index for home prices, one of the most widely quoted […]

Non-Gender Conforming Clothing

What is non-gender-conforming clothing? It’s a sense of style that the wearer wants to convey. Is it men’s clothing, worn by women? The answer can be yes. Is it women’s clothing worn by men? Also yes. The correct answer is it is what the wearer wants it to be. Non-gender-conforming dress is absolutely no different than traditional dress. It is an expression of the image that you are trying to convey, a statement of your politics and what you believe in. Clothing is a form of self-expression, whether you are non-gender-conforming, male, or female. Are you a traditional dresser who […]

Coming Out & Confronting Bias

By Johanna M. Dolan Everyday more and more of us make the bold choice to come all the way out of the closet. As you no doubt know many have overcome the life-threatening challenges of coming out of the closet right in front of us and are now leading happy, successful lives. Some of us don’t survive the coming out process. It’s time for that to stop. This means that we need to address the elephant in the room – no matter how open you personally are in your own life; it doesn’t mean that all LGBTQ individuals have come […]