Incontinence Pill or Surgery

There are many people who suffer from some level of incontinence and there are quite several options available. One of the most readily available options is pads, briefs and diapers which can be purchased in the stores or discretely online, but this option is not for everyone and it does not address the underlying cause of the incontinence. Medications tend to be the next level of medical options with several types of drugs that work in different ways on the bladder. Mirabegran (Myrbetrix) is a drug that relaxes the bladder muscle to keep it from quivering and spasming, creating the […]

Incontinence You Are Not Alone

It is estimated at 400,000,000 adults worldwide suffer from some form of incontinence, so if you find yourself peezing (peeing when you sneeze) then you are among friends! This also means the competition is getting fierce in order to get your attention and ultimately buy brand A over brand B, C, D, etc…. The sales of incontinence products is a $9 billion market and growing, with sales increasing by 9% from 2018 to 2019! There are a lot of products out there and a lot of companies wanting you to buy from them….so how do you decide? It comes down […]

Diagnosed with Sciatica? May be a Hip Problem!

Ever get a sharp pain in your back that runs down your leg?  Does it stop at the foot, the knee, or the hip?  Do me a favor and stand up.  Try to touch your toes.  Does this make your back or leg pain better ,  worse or no different?  Next, lean backward.  Does this make your pain better, worse, or no different?  How about when you bend to the left or the right?  Depending on the results of this simple home test you could fall into one of several categories regarding back pain and sciatica!  Most people have heard […]

My Aching Back, What is Discogenic: Pain?

Before you ask, no, discogenic pain isn’t caused by too much time in the night club getting your groove on! I have mostly survived being 50 as I quickly head toward 51 in a couple months. In an effort to take better care of myself, lose weight, and get diabetes under control, I joined a crossfit type program (Legion Transformation Center) near my house, which also happens to be near my office in Essex (got to make it easy, otherwise it doesn’t get done, right?). Friends asked me why I started such an aggressive program at the age of 50 […]

Erectile Dysfunction: Not a hard problem!

How many of you reading this article indulge in poppers? How many of you are on blood pressure medication? How many of you are treating your erectile dysfunction with Cialis or Viagra? How many of you are in all three categories? A friend of mine had a play date recently. The guy was tied to the sling stand and everything was going well, erections were had by all, and then the poppers / ”video head cleaner” came out. Not too long after the hit of poppers the guy tied to the sling stand started to panic and needed to be […]

Gua Sha: What the Heck is It?!?

As a manual physical therapist, I’m always looking for new ways to work with the body and was recently introduced to gua sha, a 2000-plus year old Chinese medical treatment involving scraping the skin with a spoon or a coin. Gua sha originally used either a spoon or a coin in order to scrape the lubricated skin in one direction in order to free the chi stuck in an area, such as the lower back, neck, shoulders, thighs, etc. I’ve been told this was often performed at home by grandma, who would just pull a soup spoon out of the […]

What is s Fascia?

We hear the terms “fascia” and “myofascial release” used a lot in the therapy and massage industry, but what are we talking about? What is fascia and why does it matter to you? Muscles have a nerve going to them to allow our brain to tell the muscle to contract or relax depending on what we need it to do. Fascia, on the other hand, has been thought of as a passive elastic connective tissue that runs through our entire body, varying in thickness depending on its purpose in that location. The skin has fascia. So do the muscles, and […]

What a Pain in the Neck!

Neck pain is a very common problem in today’s society, afflicting nearly 25% of us, with reports as high as 86% of us complaining about some level of neck pain. That means 87,750,000 Americans will complain of neck pain something this year. That is a lot of people! What causes neck pain? The answers are as varied as we are. Often times it is as simple as stress in our lives manifesting into tension in our upper trapezius (UT) muscles that attach to the spine of our neck as well as the base of the skull and the shoulder blade. […]

How Helpful is Physical Therapy?

October 19th, I had the honor of presenting physical therapy topics to the Transgender Information and Empowerment Summit (TIES) in Richmond, Virginia, and I had a great time! The audience was wonderful, and my hope is they learned a few things in the brief hour we had together. I want to share with you some of the ways in which physical therapy can help you during and after your transition whether it involves hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or gender-confirming surgeries. Carpal tunnel syndrome can either flare up if you already have it or you can develop it once on HRT […]

Motion is Lotion

Motion is Lotion, Rest is Rust. My mom she is an F.F.W.W. (Far From a Well Woman) given her health issues as she gets older but I still love her as her memory shifts and the stories we once knew now have different people in them and sometimes different endings….can be quite interesting as the details of multiple events are cobbled together into a new tapestry of a story. She unfortunately slipped in her bathroom resulting in a minor fall and breaking her fibula in two places. She was able to walk on it as long as she used her […]