What is Normal Anyway

No doubt the world is changing quickly these days for all of us!  We are being asked to, wear a mask, wash our hands, social distance at least 6 feet, and for those of us who have been lucky enough to keep our job, a lot of us are being asked to work from home which then means working while the kids are in virtual class and/or our partner(s) are home working too.  With so many changes happening so quickly it is easy to lose track of what normal feels like and in the confusion we can lose sight of […]

Do you pee in Morse Code??!?

September is prostate awareness month which is why I decided to focus on it for a moment. Most people have some level of awareness of prostate cancer, so I will start there.  It has a very high survival rate in part because men get checked regularly after the age of 50 or 55, depending on the comfort of your PCP, other health risks and family history.  I must take a moment to remind all of my trans women friends that regular prostate checks apply to you too, because the prostate is not removed during a vaginoplasty.   The prostate starts out […]

Who’s Driving this Bus Anyway?

How much are you in control of your day? The decisions you made earlier today? Do you remember getting dressed this morning? Watching TV, catching up on the news, checking email? Was it pretty much the same routine as yesterday? Think about how you got dressed this morning. What went on first? Was it shirt, socks, or underwear first? Try reversing the order one day and see how awkward it feels. See how much longer it takes to get dressed. Do you brush your teeth before or after getting dressed? Where does showering fit into the routine? How long have […]

The Knack!

Have you ever had this happen to you? You are on a zoom call with friends of yours, you have some wine (or if you are a real rebel, you actually go to their house! You actually sit on their sofa and pet their pussy cat while casually/discretely lifting your N-95 mask to sip your chardonnay or nibble on a cracker or some cheese)….then it happens….a joke, a funny moment or some antics happen and then the dreaded guffaw and laughter ensues! You feel it coming but there is nothing you can do! I am not talking about the bursts […]

Is your bladder working normally?

Seems like an odd topic for a physical therapist to bring up, but then I am not your ordinary physical therapist!  I see people with bladder issues as a pelvic physical therapist all the time, even if they are coming to me for another problem, such as E.D. back pain or pelvic pain, as they are all related!  The pelvic floor muscles control how we pee, poo and have sex.  They are the muscles at the bottom of our torso and are suppose to play well with the back and abdominal muscles, but sometimes they argue over who has what […]

Fusion 2020

Baltimore can get cold in the winter! Mind you, I said can get cold, but lately it seems to be more temperate – maybe it’s the fake news of “Global Warming” conspiracy by the Democrats …oops! Anyhoo … Who here remembers leaving the outside water tap open just enough to allow a trickle of water when temperatures got below freezing? We did, but why? Exactly! If the water sits still in the pipe during freezing temperatures then the water will freeze and burst your pipes, and who wants that disaster? If the water is moving, even at a trickle, it […]

What is a discectomy?!?”

It doesn’t happen overnight. You have exhausted your Google searches and You Tube videos and now the over the counter have stopped working. The pain gradually gets worse until you can’t ignore it anymore. You need to do something about the pain in your back that is now radiating down your leg (or maybe it is numbness, or even tingling, either way it is NOT normal). You see your PCP, then off to an ortho who recommends a discectomy. You are now thinking “What is a discectomy?!?” Before we dive into what a discectomy is, let’s start with the disc. […]

E.D. and the Surgical Options

In my last article we discussed the use of injected medications for E.D. called Bi-mix and Tri-mix. The article before that we covered Viagra and Cialis. In this article I would like to cover the surgical interventions for E.D. Why is this important? Because 30% of men will have some level of E.D. by the age of 50! It can start as difficulty initiating an erection, or unable to maintain it, or not robust enough for penetration, and worse case scenario, no erection at all. Surgery is typically the last line of interventions, after having failed oral medications and injections. […]

Bimix and Trimix

It is estimated that ED effects 30% – 50% of men between the ages of 40-70 years of age, are you in this group? ED has inspired an incredibly huge market of easy remedies with Viagra and Cialis being two of the most popular treatments, but there are several others you may not be aware of. Bimix and trimix are 2 different medications that are injected directly into the penis in order to stimulate blood flow through vasodilation. It is rumored that a popular night club was frequented by a “doctor” who would give guys a injection that would boost […]

Incontinence Pill or Surgery

There are many people who suffer from some level of incontinence and there are quite several options available. One of the most readily available options is pads, briefs and diapers which can be purchased in the stores or discretely online, but this option is not for everyone and it does not address the underlying cause of the incontinence. Medications tend to be the next level of medical options with several types of drugs that work in different ways on the bladder. Mirabegran (Myrbetrix) is a drug that relaxes the bladder muscle to keep it from quivering and spasming, creating the […]