James Hormel, first out Gay US Ambassador dies at age 88

San Francisco, CA – Philanthropist James C. Hormel, the first openly LGBTQ person to represent the United States as an ambassador, died August 13 at the age of 88. According to the Bay Area Reporter, a San Francisco LGBTQ newspaper, Hormel died “with his husband at his side and his favorite Beethoven concerto playing.” Hormel, an heir to the Hormel meatpacking fortune, was born Jan. 1, 1933, and was married to Alice Turner before he came out as a gay man. They had five children before divorcing amicably in 1965. They remained close friends through the divorce and after he […]

LGBTQ Olympic athletes win record number of medals

Tokyo, Japan – It was an historic Olympics. And despite the ongoing threat of the coronavirus, the Tokyo games — postponed from 2020 — were an overwhelming success, particularly for women and LGBTQ athletes. Women won 66 of 113 medals won by Team USA, a record for women at any Olympic games. And nearly 200 LGBTQ athletes — more than three times the number that competed in 2016 and including the first out trans and out non-binary athletes — competed in 35 different sports. The majority of out participants came from the U.S. and overall, lesbians outnumbered gay men nearly […]

Wealth Gap: slavery, racism, discrimination, and greed

Seattle, WA – In 1863, slaves were worth three billion dollars ($83 billion in today’s dollars), then you realize that the most valuable thing they owned – the thing that built the wealth white Americans still benefit from today – were Black people. You might think that, from the end of slavery to now, the racial wealth gap would have decreased but in actuality, to this day, white Americans have an annual income substantially higher than Black Americans. The median household income (as of 2018), when you add savings and assets and subtract debt, is $171,000 for whites and $17,000 […]

“PS Burn This Letter Please” shows pre-Stonewall gay life

Los Angeles, CA – David Reddish writes in Queerty that with Outfest 2021 occurring, he thinks it is time to revisit one of last year’s major winners, which also cleaned up on the rest of the festival circuit. PS Burn This Letter Please chronicles life in the queer underground in the pre-Stonewall era. History has a way of burying queer stories in the sands of time. PS Burn This Letter Please digs deep, paying homage to the generations of LGBTQ people that came before us, and drawing a line from our current thriving culture to a time of thriving underground. […]

Summer Market a Little More Friendly to Buyers

Frustrated by the market in the first half of 2021? According to Realtor.com’s Weekly Housing Trends report on July 8, there could be some small amount of relief in the coming weeks.   First, new listings had been growing in number year-over-year in twelve of the previous fifteen weeks, which had helped to slow the red hot price growth we had been experiencing. Also, the rapid pace that homes disappeared from the market had been slowing, again in a year-over-year comparison.   All this good news for buyers is hinting that with COVID restrictions easing we may be seeing the return […]

Could You Would You

I have a question for my transgender peeps. Could you, would you, dress as your old self if your spouse asked you to for an event? My wife got a new job and had an event where she was brought on board. Before you answer I think I need to add context. I understand my wife is on her own transition. That is, coming to terms of having a transgender spouse. She is a few years behind me and doing a great job. But at times it’s very hard on her and I remember how hard it is to be […]

Resilience Needed. Again.

We are living in a time of turmoil and transition. Just as it seemed the road was open, there came another obstacle to clear, a hurricane to go through, or debris to throw away. So once again, we have to tap into our resources to claim the energy to persist, the determination to hang onto our resolve and to maintain the hope that we will prevail. That our vaccinated, mask-wearing and distancing family, friends, neighbors, or other people we come in contact with, will do the same so we can overcome an invisible virus that kills. In this process, it […]

Delta variant of Covid: What is it, and is it really that big a deal?

Dear Dr. Eva,  We are hearing about another new Covid variant, Delta. We’ve already heard about, and some people have panicked over, the British variant and the Brazilian variant. However, those don’t seem to have changed the course of the pandemic in our country. Is this just another cry of “wolf,” or is it really time to go get the masks out again? Skeptic   Dear Skeptic, It does seem as if there’s a new coronavirus scare every month. So far, new strains haven’t affected most people’s lives or the Covid death rate in this country as a whole. Unless […]

SAVE THE DATE – 5th Annual Keystone State Gay Rodeo – October 2, 2021

The 5th Annual Keystone State Gay Rodeo rides into action October 2, 2021 starting at 11:30 am at Red Man Ranch & Arena, 359 Strawberry Road, New Freedom, PA 17349.    The event is a family-friendly, inclusive rodeo and country event that merges traditional rodeo favorites with some non-traditional fun and hilarious events all in a safe and inviting atmosphere where everyone feels welcome. Both men and women compete equally in all rodeo events and anyone ages 10 and over are welcome to compete. If you are attending you can expect to see some traditional rodeo events such as barrel racing, […]

Being an Ernest Hemmingway Fan

Being an Ernest Hemmingway fan, I asked a bartender named Jenna, kind of pictured above, if she knew what Death in the Afternoon was. She had been bartending for twenty years and had never heard of it. So, we did what every red blood American does, we googled it. Ernest Hemingway is known as much for his writing as for his drinking. Through his books and throughout his life, he championed cocktails like the Daiquiri and the Mojito, but nothing stirs the imagination quite like the Death in the Afternoon. Here’s to Hemingway for inspiring me to write today. BY […]