2020 census: Important for LGBTQ people to be counted

Boston – Six months from now, on April 1st, 2020, the federal census will be in full swing. The information collected in this every decade event is used to determine political representation by revising local precinct maps and Congressional districts based on changes in population. It determines the amount of federal funding for education, transportation, health care, housing, and social services. For minority populations such as the LGBTQ communities, basic information provided by the census related to population size and geography also contributes to community representation and support that might otherwise not exist. Although the census does not have any […]

Lawsuits claims maker of Truvada minimized side effects

Charlotte, North Carolina – Truvada, a popular medication used to treat and even prevent HIV, has been connected with serious complications, including lactic acidosis, kidney failure, and liver and bone problems. These side effects are serious and potentially life-threatening. Recent lawsuits allege that Truvada manufacturer Gilead Sciences knowingly downplayed the potential side effects and, even worse, may have suppressed a safer version of the HIV treatment in order to maximize profits. Multiple lawsuits have been filed against Gilead Sciences in courts across the country. According to a court filing made on behalf of plaintiffs in California, Gilead Sciences knew as […]

The Black Cat gay ‘riot’ is well-known … it’s also a myth

Los Angeles – Michael Bedwell writes on the site Lgbtqnation.com that the notion that patrons rioted during a police raid on the Black Cat bar in Los Angeles on New Year’s Day 1967 is myth. Rather the raid lead to a somewhat closeted demonstration in front of the bar on February 11th, 1967. Bedwell says, “When cops wreaked havoc at the Black Cat Tavern, history labelled it “a riot” … but what really happened there? If one takes the time to look behind the curtain, one begins to wonder if it could have simply started as an autocorrect mistake – […]

Feds tell city in Iowa rainbow crosswalks must go

Ames, Iowa – The Trump administration has ordered the city of Ames, Iowa, to remove its newly installed rainbow crosswalks. Ames is the home of Iowa State University, whose students make up about half the city’s 66,000 people. The rainbow crosswalks had been installed this year to commemorate Pride month. In a letter to the city government, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) charged that the crosswalks were in violation of federal rules. The letter ordered the City of Ames to remove the rainbow crosswalks, as they fail to comply with federal traffic-control standards. Federal rules dictate that crosswalks must only […]

Friends raising funds for trans woman attacked in Dallas

Dallas – Friends of Daniela Calderon, a trans women who was seriously injured in an attack on September 20th in Northwest Dallas, have set up a GoFundMe page to help pay her medical bills. Domingo Ramirez-Cayente, the man who has been charged with shooting Calderon multiple times in the chest, abdomen, and arms after shouting transphobic slurs at her, has been released on bail from the Dallas County Jail. According to Stacey Renee Monroe, who established the GoFundMe page, Calderon’s injuries “required emergency surgery, in which doctors had to do a small bowel resection, repair the brachial artery in her […]

Fall has been full of Pride in Texas

Dallas – June may be the official LGBTQ Pride month in most places but Pride broke out all over Texas this fall! First-ever Pride celebrations were held in Tyler and Wimberly, Dallas Southern Pride occurred from September 25th to 29th, Tarrant County Pride had two days’ worth of events October 5th and 6th, and Galls celebrated Texas Latino Pride on October 5th. Both Tyler and Wimberley celebrated their official Pride events in style. Wimberly Pride was held September 20th and 21st and Included a Pre-Pride Kick-off Party on Friday, a Pride March Pre-Party on Saturday, the Pride March, and the […]

Virginia seeks to confine gay man who served his sentence

Arlington, Virginia – An opinion piece published in the Washington Post, by Philip Fronaci and Roger Lancaster, states that an Arlington judge must decide if a gay nonviolent sex offender should stay incarcerated after serving his sentence. In their commentary Fornaci and Lancaster wrote, “the Circuit Court in liberal Arlington County, Virginia will be the scene of a heavy-handed morality play, with prosecutors seeking lifelong incarceration for a young gay man who has already paid an extraordinary price for youthful, nonviolent sexual indiscretions. There is serious concern about the fairness of the trial which is set to begin on September […]

Democratic donor arrested after 3rd man ODs in his home

Los Angeles – Prominent Democratic donor Ed Buck is arrested for running a drug den and “being a violent sexual predator who preys on men struggling with addiction” after a third man overdosed in his California apartment according to the Associated Press and The Daily Mail. Buck was charged on September 17th with a felony count each of battery causing serious injury, administering methamphetamine, and maintaining a drug house. California prosecutors are asking that Buck, a “violent, dangerous sexual predator,” be held on $4 million bail. Prosecutors allege Buck provided methamphetamine that led to two overdose deaths. On September 11th, […]

Texas passes law banning unsolicited nude pics

Austin – Texas has passed a new law banning the sharing of unsolicited nude photos, which could have consequences for gay dating app users. The new law makes sharing sexually explicit materials electronically a class C misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of up to $500. Unusually, lawmakers collaborated with the dating app Bumble on the crack-down, with house representative Morgan Meyer working closely with the Dallas-based company. “They had a number of people who were using the app complaining about the sending of these images and they quickly realized there was no recourse,” Meyer told Fox 4 News. “There was […]

New Texas Holocaust Museum: LGBT permanent exhibit

Dallas – Few if any other Holocaust museums include LGBT human rights in their permanent exhibits. But in Dallas’s Holocaust museum, both local and national figures – Harvey Milk nationally and John Thomas locally – are part of the exhibit. So are Bill Nelson and Terry Tebedo, the couple for whom the HIV clinic on Cedar Springs Road is named. Lawrence v. Texas, the case that invalidated section 21.06 of the Texas penal code that made same-sex relationships illegal, is featured. The new Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum opened to the public on September 18th. “At a time when […]