Down with Lazy Dogs!

Our dogs have a unique lifestyle. They’re spoiled, but that’s not unusual. What makes the day-to-day different is that their dads both have jobs that allow them to go to work with their dogs.

Okay, I’m a veterinarian. I work in an animal hospital – a good place for a dog to hang out. Everyone there loves dogs, so they get an incredible amount of attention and treats all the dog-day long. They visit when they need a bath or need their nails trimmed. They come if they have a cough or a scratch. They come to just visit if Connor can’t have them for a day. They love coming to work with me.

What about Connor though? What does he do that he can take one or more of the pack with him?

Connor is a designer. He designs houses, photography sets, art exhibits. He has an eye for color, shape, and form that surpasses anyone I’ve ever known. I may be somewhat biased, but he’s truly amazing at his job.

So how does this work with dogs in the picture? Well, if Connor is meeting with a client that likes dogs, it’s a natural fit. It’s well established that dogs reduce stress and open up conversations. If he brings Violet or Daisy or Henry along, they’ll provide a sense of fun and happiness to the meeting, and the client gets a good impression of the situation. Connor feels that the dogs offer an overall sense of lightness to what otherwise could be stiff and stressful. He does always ask the client ahead of time. It’s important to remember that not everyone is a dog lover. For clients who aren’t, there’s a strict “no dogs” policy.

Connor will often bring one of the dogs to a work site as long as it’s a safe place for dogs to be. Henry is usually the dog for this job. Daisy and Violet are both a little too dainty. Henry likes to make sure that Connor has company, but he also likes to make sure that the construction is going well. He sees himself as a supervisor. The construction crew enjoys the visits, and because Henry is such a clown, he always brings laughter and a smile to everyone at the job site.

The dogs love going to work. It means that they have a fun place to go, a sense of purpose, and they rarely have to spend time alone. Although our dogs are somewhat unusual in that they get to go to work, it’s actually becoming more and more common. Businesses and companies are becoming more aware of the benefits of having dogs in the workplace.

If you’re lucky enough to be in a situation that your dog can visit you for a day at work, there are a few important rules to remember.

• First and foremost, make sure your dog is well behaved, as he or she will be dealing with new people and new situations that may overwhelm a scared or untrained dog.

• It is equally as important to make sure that your dog is very well potty trained. Having an accident in the office can be very embarrassing.

• Also, make sure your canine co-worker is well groomed. A smelly dog can ruin any day at the office, and nails that are too long can inadvertently scratch skin or furniture.

• Finally, make sure you bring toys and treats to occupy your dog’s attention when you have to concentrate on that contract or when you have to read your e-mails.

Connor and I love having “working dogs.” When carefully planned, it’s a wonderful experience for all involved.

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