Tax Time Shortcuts Tips to make April 15th feel like July 4th

By now you should have received your W2 or 1099 forms for all the work you’ve been paid for in the past year, more than $599.99, and other forms of income. That’s right it’s tax season. So why would a tech article talk about taxes? Today most taxes are submitted electronically by either the taxpayer or a tax preparer. There are several things you can do to electronically prepare your taxes. First, I recommend scanning your documents into a PDF format, or downloading them from your employer’s website, or other places you get tax documents. The IRS accepts electronic documents […]

Screen Time Which display is best for what?

This past September, Apple triumphantly announced both the iPhone 8, the next generation in the current series, but also the $1000 iPhone X, supposed to demonstrate the future of mobile phones. Yet only this month, rumors abounded that Apple was planning to kill of the iPhone X this year, due to much lower than expected sales. The thought was that they would rather avoid the embarrassment of a failed model that is relegated to a collector’s item, instead of keeping it around for several years and making them available at discounted prices as is the usual Apple practice. The original […]