All About Pronouns: A guide to the perplexed

What are pronouns? Pronouns are words we use to refer to someone in the third person. Examples include they / them, she / her, and he / him. What does gender have to do with pronouns? In the English language, pronouns have historically been gendered, meaning they convey information about the person’s gender, whether that information is accurate or not. For many of us whose identity sits outside the binary or whose gender does not align with sex assigned at birth, being called by the wrong pronoun is uncomfortable and sometimes hurtful or traumatic. It’s important to not make assumptions about […]

LGBTQ Health Equity at Chase Brexton Health Care

This March we celebrated the 21st Annual National LGBTQ Health Awareness Week. This campaign hosted by the National Coalition for LGBTQ Health, encouraged us to speak openly about our LGBTQ identities and how healthcare systems interact with our community. Throughout this week, people around the country shared their stories, had conversations about barriers to healthcare, minority stress, intersectionality, inequity… as well as experiences of euphoria, affirmation, and care. Having a dedicated time to reflect on LGBTQ health incites a range of emotions for us at the Center for LGBTQ Health Equity at Chase Brexton. Every day we witness the profound […]