By Gary Schwartz

There’s a delicious little cupcake shop in historic downtown Frederick City called Angelcakes and Cupcakes on East Church Street (along Shab Row) that serves the best cupcakes ever and made from all natural ingredients and “never from any industrial mixes!” What makes this delightful shop so unique, is head baker  Jolynn Wright. You can walk into her shop and see her baking her little heart out, and sometimes singing a show tune or a classic oldie. At times, she’ll post on their Facebook page, come in and sing … and get a free cupcake. But what has prompted me to share all of this with you is that she is one baker who will never discriminate. She related to me that she had a couple order a wedding cake from her because another bakery had refused them because “they were gay.” “I wasn’t aware that this practice went on and it’s terrible,” Jolynn stated. “I want people to know this. I want the LGBT community to know that they are safe in my shop and I am happy to make anything for them,” Jolynn added. And you should check out their Facebook page at the amazing cakes for any occasions that Angelcakes has made and sculpted. Currently she is looking to get a rainbow sticker and flag for her shop to proudly display to show her support for our community! Huzzah for Angelcakes and Cupcakes and Jolynn.