Ship Linked to Deadly Baltimore Bridge Incident to be Refloated & Moved

It is planned that the container ship that was responsible for the fatal collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore will be refloated on Monday and then relocated to a marine facility that is located just nearby.

The Dali has stayed at the collapse site since it lost power and fell into one of the bridge’s supporting columns on March 26. This has resulted in the deaths of six construction workers and has caused traffic to get backed up into Baltimore Harbor.

According to a statement released by the Key Bridge Response Unified Command, the circumstances that are necessary for personnel to begin refloating and transit operations on the ship are anticipated to be favorable on Monday morning when high tide is scheduled to occur.

As the Dali makes its way to the marine port, which is around four kilometers away, it will be accompanied by two to five tugboats. At the very least, the task is anticipated to take twenty-one hours.

On the 13th of May, crews carried out a controlled demolition to dismantle the biggest remaining span of the recently fallen bridge.According to a preliminary assessment that was provided by the National Transportation Safety Board, the Dali had four power outages within about ten hours before departing from the Port of Baltimore for Sri Lanka and colliding with the bridge.

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