As a fitness professional I’ve trained hundreds of people and written dozens of articles about exercise, health and wellness. I’ve changed my tune – every day I hear a lot of reasons and excuses to not train. I’ve been doing this for two decades now and I guess I’m just tired of trying to convince you so here are the top ten Reasons to not exercise!

10) Sweat – I mean really who wants to have their body temperature rise from increased calorie burning? Do you really want there to be any evidence you exerted yourself or worked hard. Besides, you might rid your body of some toxins!

9) Learning – Why would anyone ever want to learn, let alone learn something about themselves? When you start exercising you won’t really know what to do so you may have to ask someone for help. Asking for help is literally the worst thing you can do for yourself, admitting you don’t know everything and practicing some humility sounds pretty awful.

8) Awkwardness – Not knowing how to do something properly is embarrassing, right? Since you can’t do it right the first time you definitely should not try or practice.

7) New friends – Meeting people at the gym trying to improve themselves with crazy goals that don’t include crushing drinks while complaining about work at happy hour. These are the kind of people who will support you in your effort to change and not sabotage you. Avoid them at all costs.

6) Aches – Change is uncomfortable and making your body do things it’s unused to will be physically uncomfortable and may cause soreness. This soreness will result in your body performing better and reducing the likeliness of injury. Personally, I’d rather get hurt and be dysfunctional!

5) Lifestyle – The more you move the more you’ll want to move. It’s weird but, as your body improves and you start enjoying being active you’ll make healthier choices. Sitting on the couch all night and weekend won’t seem quite as enjoyable.

4) Less stress – Exercise helps manage stress both physically and psychologically. We use the cortisol produced by work, traffic, and family when we exercise. This helps reduce belly fat, lowers risks of heart attack and stroke, and allows us to focus on the good things in life. Isn’t feeling stressed-out and crazy way better?

3) Investing in yourself – Yup, it costs some money to be healthy and fit. Less money than it costs to manage diabetes, get cancer treatment, purchase never-ending lattes, or eat out multiple times a week. If I have to spend some money feel, look, and perform better I’m not doing it!

2) Unsolicited compliments – People will notice the hard work you put in. They will tell you how different you look. Somebody might flirt with you or ask you out on a date. Your friends will compliment you on the new clothes you bought because your old ones were too big. Let’s get real who would ever want to be considered attractive?

1) Noticing your body and life changing – You will buy new clothes with smaller waistlines. You will realize your butt looks good in your pants. Your arms will be tone. But even worse, you’ll have a sense of satisfaction, confidence, and achievement. You may even realize how much your whole life has changed for the better, the journey you’re on is no longer about losing weight, it’s about being the best version of yourself. Your whole life and perspective is better. You look forward to each day and the challenges it brings.

If this list sounds bad to you, then maybe you shouldn’t workout. If you’re unhappy with the way you feel, look or function but don’t want to change – this life isn’t for you. Me, I’m going to continue to choose a better way, to set new goals and achieve them, to challenge myself and to work on being the best version of myself each day.