As we quickly head toward parts unknown in this day and time, let’s remain in the moment. In this moment, we find a thousand ways to be distracted and confused. We find a multitude of ways to lament and despair but to also paradoxically, be thankful for being alive. At the onset, we knew that changes, in government or in society at large, would be jarring. There seems to be a confusion wrapped in obscure and malevolent tones. We seemed to be surrounded by clouds accompanied by bullies with perceived power, whose lies are wrapped in odd euphemisms. However, in this moment, we should check in with our core. Have we checked in with the soundness of our hearts?

What is our moral compass? Where is our center? Are we shaken to our core? What drives us to seek balance and center in this madness? Our communities are under attack? We knew the storm was coming and we are at the start of the rain. We are in the beginning of the backlash. As thousands rallied for life in Washington, we know that they represent a hollow truth. We know that these same folks who uphold the right of fetuses to be born would rather see the lot of us dead.

In times like these, we need to center ourselves in the firmament of our common humanity. We need to cultivate our own humanity and augment the inherent compassion that lives in our lives. We have an internal mystery of being human to contend with. The riddle of being flesh and blood while also having emotional, mental, and energetic bodies. It is a finite paradox which seems to end at physical death but actually continues eternally as our energy is neither created nor destroyed, just transformed. Amidst all of this, where is our true center?

There are those among us who enjoy stirring, confusing, and throwing us off-center. These people enjoy invoking the worst of our human nature, denigrating our humanity by sowing seeds of discord. If our intent is to resist this massive dehumanization, we should reject the invitation and invocation to dwell in fundamental darkness of our hearts. Just as there is light within, there is darkness. The most profound act of resistance we can take is to cultivate the best in ourselves, to grow the love that we were born with in our hearts. Then we can act from a place of light, summoning our better angels.