Waffle House
10422 Sharpsburg Pike
Hagerstown, Maryland • wafflehouse.com

Although the forecast was calling for thunderstorms, we could not pass up the opportunity to view the Persied meteor shower. So, last Saturday night, we took a long drive out to Flintstone, Maryland. According to my husband-to-be, this was going to be a place dark enough for optimal viewing. On the way out, I spied a Waffle House sign as we drove past Hagerstown, and we all agreed on the way back, we were stopping in for a late-night snack.

We did manage to find a secluded field in Flintstone, but our only clear view was of the Big Dipper and we also did see the International Space Station fly through the sky. We hung around for almost a half hour as the cloud cover increased and light rain began to fall. Looks like viewing the Peried meteor shower was not in the cards for us this year, but, all was not lost. We were heading to Waffle House! I had olfactory and taste memories of the many times I had been to Waffle House as a child on our many car trips down the I-95 corridor, and grew more excited scrambled eggs along with my as we drove closer to it.

Upon walking in, we were kindly greeted by one of the wait staff, and took a seat in a back booth. The Waffle House was not too busy, but it was almost midnight at this point, so I wasn’t expecting a large crowd. As usual, the menus were on the table, placemat-style, the breakfast menu on one side, and lunch and dinner menu on the other. Very simple. I had only one purpose in mind, and that was to have a delicious waffle!

Waffles are served either plain, or with options of blueberry, strawberry, peanut butter, chocolate chips, or pecans. I wasn’t interested to ruin perfection with any of those options. I just wanted a little butter and lots of syrup. My son did opt for the peanut butter. This option is served with peanut butter “chips”, and I could see them melting into the waffle. That does sound delicious doesn’t it? Not on the menu, but written on a poster in the store, there are over a dozen $6 breakfast options. I threw in two scrambled eggs along with my order to take advantage of this deal.

All I can say is that waffle didn’t stand a chance. It was gone within just a few minutes. Delicious, just like I remembered. I was not disappointed. I should mention that the $6 breakfast included coffee. The coffee was quite good, in my opinion. Our waitress, Josie, was just amazing, and refilled my cup a few times during our meal. For almost midnight, she had enough energy to power the restaurant. She provided me with a “to-go” cup of coffee to take on the road.

We all enjoyed our visit to Waffle House. Admittedly, this is not considered a restaurant chain of refined quality, but for me, it was like visiting an old friend, and enjoying the experience. Next time you find yourself on the road, I recommend stopping in for a bite.

Prices are reasonable, food tastes great, and service is friendly. What more could anyone ask for?