photo credit: David Horowitz

The path forward: 1987 through 2016

Only a few decades ago, the LGBT community at Hopkins struggled to establish a presence on campus. Now, Hopkins students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer have a number of resources and support groups available to them. But the road there was not easy.

David Horowitz, class of 1986, served as vice president of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance (GALA) during a turbulent time in the gay rights movement. After graduating, he went on to co-found the Lesbian and Gay Alumni Association (LAGA) in 1987, the first LGBT alumni group at Hopkins. Horowitz described what it was like to be LGBT on campus before the creation of today’s support network…

Read the full article atThe Johns Hopkins Newsletter- “The struggle for LGBT acceptance at Hopkins”

Editor’s note: Josh Einhorn told Baltimore OutLoud that he is delighted that the Newsletter reported on this important history of early LGBT organizing at the university. He added, “We marched with a JHU banner in cities along the East coast. Alum were so excited that we now existed. One much older alum from Texas relayed in tears how he never thought he would see this in his lifetime. Another alum shared how that the only gay life when he was a student in 1922 was a bathroom at the end of a corridor in Remsen Hall where closeted male students would meet to connect.”

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