The Pride Center of Maryland is doing its level best to stay connected to the community and to help the growing needs of our community during these unprecedented times. It is true we do live in one of the richest countries in the world and yet this virus is shining a spot light on the many flaws we still have to fix. Namely, we need better safety nets to protect the people of this country. Maryland, as a State, is doing an exceptional job in trying to mitigate the economic impact that we are all currently facing. For instance, unemployment benefits will be rolled out to support independent contractors soon and food stamp or SNAP benefits have been expanded to help everyone in the state who applies regardless of income. Please contact a Peer Navigator for further information.

Yet, even with these great steps we have to wonder why are we so unprepared to face this disaster as a nation. What protections does our community have in order to pay its bills when asked to leave work and stay at home? How is it fair to ask people to choose between their health and their income? These are not choices. Unfortunately, this pandemic is affecting our community, sexual and gender minorities (SGM) even harder. Social isolation is devastating for SGM elders and our trans community. Community is the very support that helps us endure. That is why PCOM will be providing additional support programs on-line.

We will also be providing food drop off services beginning the week of April 20th. These are unprecedented times indeed and during a time like this we will have to be extra diligent in meeting our community’s needs. Remember the Center is open to answer your calls and help in whatever way we can. In addition please take the time to fill out the community needs assessment so that we can better support your individual needs.

Remember The Pride Center of Maryland is here to help you. We are here to serve.