The Baltimore Eagle
2022 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21218
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Typically, on a Friday night, we would have dinner out before hitting the bar for a few drinks. However, now that the Eagle has opened its kitchen, we could dine AND drink all at once.  As most people that have been to the Eagle already know, there was a great deal of hype and anticipation for the food to roll out.  We had heard about the credentials of Master Chef Scholly, which include accomplishments, such as earning the 1996 German Master Chef of the Year, and of some of his clients of music royalty, i.e. Madonna, Springsteen, McCartney, Diamond, and Brooks. He even served the President Who Shall Not Be Named, before he became The President Who Shall Not Be Named.  Now it was time to finally try some of his offerings at the Eagle.

With just a glance at the menu, you will quickly glean this is no ordinary bar menu.  Sure there are the usual suspects of burgers, sandwiches, salads, and such, but what sets this menu apart is the way each are served. For example, the Creamy Delight Guilt Filled Burger ($13.99) is served with stuffed blue cheese topped with bacon and green peppercorn mayo served on top of a Pan De Mie Bun.  Another difference is the variety of seafood options available.  What stood out to me was the Mahu Ule ($16.99) option, which is Hilo Ahi tuna steak with Hawaiian salsa, served with a choice of a side salad or hand cut fries.  The salad choices are also appealing, the On Top of the Mountain ($13.99) consists of romaine lettuce, cumber, red pepper, mandarin oranges, craisins, vegetable chips and Dijon balsamic dressing topped with flat iron steak.  It appears each option on the menu was selected with a great deal of thought and preparation.

As for me, I decided on the YMCA Chicken ($11.99), Oregano marinated chicken with corn salad served on a ciabatta roll.  I threw in hand cut fries for $1.50 more.  To be honest, before ordering my meal, I was sitting at the bar, and saw that a person nearby me had ordered one of the burgers. For me, the burger looked of behemoth proportions, so I chose something different.  I really enjoyed my chicken sandwich, and yes, the fries were better than McDonald’s (I absolutely love McDonald’s fries, so the bar is very high)!  They were crisp, hot, and served with the perfect amount of salt.

The only criticism, if this is even categorized as one, is that there is limited seating in the front of the bar.  We had met some friends there, and it would have been great to find a table to enjoy our meals and drinks with them.  Given it was a Friday night, although it was just before 7pm, it was busy enough that all the table seating was taken.  We did find seats at the bar, but sitting 4 across doesn’t lend itself to the best experience. Then again, we kind of knew when we walked in that this would likely be the case, so we made the best of it.

Overall, we all enjoyed our meals, and we always have a great time at the Eagle.  In my opinion, given the quality of the menu, and the serving sizes, the prices are fair for the value.  If you’re thinking of doing dinner at one place, and drinks at the Eagle, why not do both right there? I’m sure we will be back soon, and hope to see you all there.