Valentine’s Day in the Panhandle

So are we all aware of the fact that we celebrate romantic love on a day of the year upon which St. Valentinius died for attempting to convert the emperor Claudius to a Christian life, circa 270 C.E.? His sentence was to be beaten to death and then to be beheaded. Apparently, though, the guy could charm. After being arrested for being a Christian in Rome, a judge who was to sentence him was smitten when Valentinius healed the judge’s daughter of her blindness. The judge released the future saint and martyr, who went on to marry young men and […]

Martinsburg: Biggest Little Town in the Panhandle

By now, you are well-acquainted with my overview of all of the little quirky towns of West Virginia’s Eastern Panhandle. Perhaps, I have even “put off” those of you more attuned to a middle-American interest in chain restaurants, large LGBTQ bars, malls, and “such” (as we say, hereabouts). Well, my friends, the Eastern Panhandle has an offering for you, too! Warning, though: it is well-seasoned with the regional penchant for oddness. From Baltimore, head due west on I-70, south on I-81, and within 15 minutes of turning onto 81, you will reach the first exits for streets in Martinsburg, W.V.