The Obesity Epidemic-Second to None

I am among the third of all Americans who are obese.  Another third of Americans are overweight but not obese, and only one-third of Americans fall into the normal weight category.  Obesity is an epidemic in America second to none.  So keep reading because I’m not alone, and this will pertain specifically to two out of three of you.

World AIDS Day: As Relevant As Ever

It’s hard to believe that we are in the 34th year of the HIV / AIDS epidemic and that this epidemic is still on target to become the deadliest epidemic in recorded history. It’s also hard to believe that I’ve had the privilege of working in this field for 12 years now. I went into nursing as a third career; I was in my 40s. When I started my nursing education, I fully intended to be a labor and delivery nurse, and then one day everything changed. It was early August of 1992; it was the day I learned that […]