Edgar Allen Poe comes home to Baltimore and it’s Not a Midnight Dreary

In 2006, the musical Nevermore, with music by Matt Conner and book by Grace Barnes featuring lyrics adapted from the writings of Edgar Allan Poe, made its live theatre debut. In northern Virginia. What’s wrong with this story? Ask any Baltimorean – Poe is ours. Yet somehow the musical ran in Virginia, England, and even Australia. Never Baltimore. After a 16-year wait, Stillpointe Theatre is to thank for Nevermore’s Baltimore debut. Director Ryan Haase, along with the talented cast and crew, have delivered a cryptic and immersive experience to finish their 13th season. Nevermore isn’t a full biography, but an […]

Stillpointe Theatre’s Ryan Haase

A conversation Ryan Haase is certainly a man on the move in Baltimore theatre. As his theatre company embarks on a new adventure with the opening of their own space in December, I thought it would be good idea to sit down with him for a chat over a cup of coffee at Doobies in Mt. Vernon. So, here goes—two Ryan’s and lots of caffeine.