I was driving home from prayer service Saturday, almost home. I was in a very peaceful place, at least I thought I was. Then it happened. Someone driving a very large SUV entered the roadway through a yield– but did not yield. She started coming into my lane, very quickly. I immediately hit the brakes, laid on the horn, and well, patience was lost. Because I stopped, I signaled for her to go in front of me, thinking she was in such a hurry. When we met at the stoplight, she said she was so sorry, she didn’t mean to […]

May I Be Happy, May I Be Well

This morning we studied a Bible story about Pinchas. He used violence to stop a plague that God brought upon the Israelites because of their behaviors with the local people. In response to his violent act, God gave him the blessing of eternal shalom, peace. Such a strange reward for a very violent act. What does this story teach? That if you act violently, with God in mind, that you are doing the correct thing? I sure do hope not. We see too much of this in the news everyday.

I am Alive

Some days I wake up filled with strength and vigor. I can do anything. I can be the best that is inside me. Then, there are the days when I wake up and feel that I am defeated before I start. Wow! I sometimes forget to say “Thanks, I am awake” until I reach for my kippah (head cover). It reminds me that there is something so much greater than I am. My day begins with gratitude– the reminder works.

The Gift of Importance

I am writing this a bit early, because I know that when it is due, my life will be crazy. My daughter is getting married one week from today. She is my baby girl, the youngest of four daughters and the last one to get married. Now I know this is the happiest day of her life, but for a dad? Not so much.