National ‘Honor Our LGBT Elders’ Day at Baltimore Eagle

The struggles and triumphs of our community’s older adults will be remembered in a night of stories and commemoration at the Baltimore Eagle to celebrate National Honor Our LGBT Elders Day on Tuesday, May 16th. Members of Baltimore’s LGBT community will share stories of LGBT elders who made a difference in their life, and a ceremony will honor prominent older adults from the community. The event is scheduled for 6 to 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 16th at the The Nest, the performance space in the Baltimore Eagle (2022 North Charles Street, Baltimore). Tickets and additional information are available at […]

Why You Need an Advance Medical Directive

If you became unable to speak, who would make your medical decisions? That’s the question being raised throughout the country on April 16th. That date marks the 10th Annual National Healthcare Decisions Day, a nationwide event promoting the importance of healthcare choices and advance care planning. This day is a reminder for us all to take steps to ensure that our wishes are followed in times of crisis.

Chase Brexton Offering New Alzheimer’s Disease Support Group

Chase Brexton Health Care’s LGBT Health Resource Center Alzheimer’s disease can be devastating not just to LGBT individuals living with the diagnosis, but to their caregivers and loved ones who face an uncertain future. In an effort to provide resources, counseling and comfort to those affected by Alzheimer’s, the LGBT Health Resource Center of Chase Brexton Health Care will begin a new Alzheimer’s Support Group. The group will meet on the fourth Wednesday of each month beginning April 26th, at Chase Brexton’s Mount Vernon Center (1111 North Charles Street, Baltimore).

’Tis the Season to Check In on Your Mental Health

The winter holidays are one of the hardest times for many of us in the LGBT community. (Maybe that’s why Pride is always in the summer?) From dealing with family you may not necessarily enjoy (or who may not necessarily accept you!) to endless “festive” work parties to becoming more aware of just how little money you have, the holidays can feel less joyous and more like a burden.