Tennis Tempest

Battle of the Sexes brings back the 70s in style In 1973, the world tuned in to a TV spectacle – a tennis match. But not any old tennis match, this was one for the ages, the match that would prove once and for all that men were better than women that was dubbed the “Battle of the Sexes.” There were actually two of these matches in 1973, although the one that is the focus of the new movie Battle of the Sexes was the one that was a worldwide TV event (although the first one is also depicted in […]

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

A bold new take on the action-spy film Back in February 2014, 20th Century Fox released Kingsman: The Secret Service, a bold new take on the action-spy film, almost a modern version of the classic Bond films with eye-popping visuals, great action and music, irreverent humor, and a cast of mostly unknown actors (at least stateside) lead by Colin Firth and Samuel L. Jackson (that film also gave Sofia Boutella her first major screen role). Of course the scene that got people talking, and probably contributed to the film’s success, was the amazingly choreographed fight scene with Firth and a […]

‘It’ knows what Scares you

Stephen King pushes red buttons In 1986, Stephen King’s 18th novel was released set in the fictional town of Derry, Maine – a place King would return to in three subsequent novels. In 1990, ABC aired a two-part, four-hour miniseries that garnered good reviews, big ratings, and has become a cult classic, making Tim Curry an overnight sensation, 15 years after becoming an overnight sensation from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. That novel and miniseries was It and now the movie has finally made its way to the big screen where it can delve a little deeper into King’s novel […]