’Tis the Season to Check In on Your Mental Health

The winter holidays are one of the hardest times for many of us in the LGBT community. (Maybe that’s why Pride is always in the summer?) From dealing with family you may not necessarily enjoy (or who may not necessarily accept you!) to endless “festive” work parties to becoming more aware of just how little money you have, the holidays can feel less joyous and more like a burden.

Important Things for LGBT Caregivers to Know

At some point in our lives, many of us will become caregivers– whether to a family member or a friend. Do you know the facts about LGBT caregiving? Most caregivers don’t realize they are caregivers. You may just be helping out a friend or “doing what spouses do,” but guess what? If you’re providing any kind of ongoing support to a friend or loved one who needs assistance – cooking meals, taking them to the doctor, helping them bathe, or even just checking in on their wellbeing – you care a caregiver!