Sen. Chelsea Manning?

With her 35-year sentence commuted by Obama, Manning aims to be the US’s first trans senator Elections have been bringing surprises lately – from Brexit to Trump. So could Marylanders soon be sending to Washington the first transgender US Senator? They may get the chance. Chelsea Manning – whistleblower of US war crimes in Iraq, who, as US Army intelligence analyst Bradley Manning leaked 750,000 pages of classified government documents to Wikileaks – threw her hat into the ring January 14th, announcing she would oppose two-term Maryland Sen. Benjamin Cardin, a conservative Democrat.

No, Margaret Cho–Vigilante Killing isn’t Cool

Margaret Cho’s call for women to kill their rapists was treated with the general adulation that Gregg Shapiro showed for the Korean-American performer in his interview (Baltimore OUTloud, March 4, 2016). But Cho’s widely publicized celebration of vigilante killing of men and boys accused of sexual misconduct should not pass without condemnation and consideration of history.