On Being a Quitter

No one likes to be called a quitter… well with one exception that is… and that’s when quitting smoking. Get ready for the 2015 Great American Smokeout on November 19th. This could be your year! You can be a quitter too! Okay, just so you don’t think I’m just preachin’ like a “never smoked a day in her life public health nurse,” I have smoked, and I was lucky enough to kick the habit 12 years ago. According the American Cancer Society, I’ve now cut my risk of lung cancer in half compared to someone still smoking, and I’m on […]

Sampson Headlines Frederick Pride 2015 at the June 27 Event

The Frederick Center is proud to announce the return of Sampson McCormick as the official master of ceremonies for Frederick Pride 2015, taking place on June 27 in the Carroll Creek Linear Park in the heart of downtown Frederick. Sampson delivered a full day of laughter and energy two years ago at Frederick Pride 2013, and the Pride Planning Committee is thrilled to bring his humor and mischief to this year’s creek-side celebration.